Home Hollywood Paris Jackson holds her breasts in Instagram ‘Boomerang’ Video.

Paris Jackson holds her breasts in Instagram ‘Boomerang’ Video.

Paris Jackson Instagram video
Paris Jackson Instagram video

Possibly there are so many people who want they could trade hands with Paris Jackson in her Instagram video. The 19 years old model got bold on her Instagram ‘Boomerang’ video in which she grabbed her breast and lift them up and down. The cutie gives the camera a knowing overlook to know her 2.6 million follower response. She used funny side for it as instead of wearing something sexy for the video she wore an over sized black Gucci t-shirt with a giant bangle bugs bunny on it. The character punches a cute hop.

what’s up doc @missjobaker @soniayoungstyle @giannandreahair

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She captioned the video:

“What’s up doc,”

The video is taken by her makeup artist ‘Jo Baker’ yesterday and posted on her Instagram. She said that:

“#internationalwomensday kinda mood!!”

But it only got over 11,000 views on her account then Paris posted it on her own page on March 9 and got 400,000 likes after only 7 hours. The actress looks like she was heading out at an event as she tagged her wardrobe stylist, hair stylist and Jo for giving her face, hair and body such a glam look. It was her step towards being casual after her edgy post-Oscars dress on March 4, but this was also a killer style.

Paris also wore the same t-shirt on March 9 in the middle of night when she got a pizza craving. She was having fun with her girls before she share her video. She ordered 3 pizzas by West Hollywood’s famed D’Amore’s pizza she called that:

“3am snack.”

Paris Jackson Instagram video
Paris Jackson Instagram video

Paris can be seen in her very first film Gringo. Daughter of the King of Pop Michael Jackson is a famously free spirit, and she expresses herself through her many signature. She took to Instagram to show off the design in progress and the finished product, carefully maintaining her humility. In previous year she posted a topless picture on her Instagram to show off her tattoos.