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Pari Movie Audience Review: Anushka Sharma has given them the best Bollywood horror film in years

Pari Movie Audience Review Download Online - Anushka Sharma has given them the best Bollywood horror film in years

Pari Movie Audience Review: It is definitely not a fairytale said the loving audiences. The Anushka Sharma starrer raking much love and appreciation from the viewers. Pari is a supernatural horror thriller that has done good justice to the genre.

Anushka Sharma, who is also the producer of the film, deployed a different strategy for promoting Pari. Instead revealing snip bits about the story via trailers, a suspense was created. Uniquely, a series of Screamers were launched that if not scared, creeped and enticed the audiences.

Pari Movie Review, Rating, Story and Cast: Anushka Sharma scares the wit out of the audiences

Pari Movie Audience Review

The films disclaimer says that it is not for faint hearted. Our Celebs loved the movie and the sleepless night it gave them. Below are the review by audiences who managed to sneak peek the movie before its release.

Those who got freaked 

They love Anushka Sharma, but will be scared from her for a while. Well we can totally understand your sentiments.

Can’t sleep Tonight

Praises for Anushka 

While everyone’s performances is garnering great reviews, Anushka has managed to steal the show. Appropriately so, she is the one who has taken a well paid risk of moving out of her Pretty faced persona.

Can’t wait till the Climax

Then there are those who can’t wait till the movie ends. As soon as they could reach their phone in the interval a Tweet was sent to inform all how much she loved the movie till now.

As scary a review as the movie

Those who managed to wait till the end, managed to spoke us some more.

Love from the UAE

Why not in USA

Series of tweets



Excited for the Movie?

Share your excitement for the movie with us, are you going to catch this Horror thriller Today??

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