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Kumkum Bhagya 9 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Simonika manages to convince Pragya that she is innocent

Simonika manages to fool the docile Pragya about her innocence.

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Kumkum Bhagya 9 March 2018: Pragya is rightly convinced that Simonika is the culprit. But Simonika smarty plays with Pragya emotional side and makes her believe she is as innocent as a lamb. Everyone plans for Abhi’s birthday.

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Simonika acts Innocent

Simonika stops Pragya from her rant and tells her that she was their every time Abhi was attack to protect him. Even she could have been equally harmed.The snake could have bitten her, the bomb could have been exploded in her hand.

Pragya doesn’t believe her and asks her to come to the police station. Simonika agrees but tells her she has to meet her mom before that and give her medicines.
She goes inside, but the lady doesn’t recognize her at first. It is after Simonika tells her that she is Simmi. The lady then recognizes her and tells that Rimmi has left. Simonika emotionally tells the lady that she has to go out of town for some work and the neighbor will take care of her.
Simonika and the lady acts around a little and Pragya fall in thier trap. Pragya questions Simonika about all of it. She tells Pragya that her mother has Alzheimer and she barely even remembers herself.
Her younger sister Rimmy ran away with a guy and her mother misses her a lot. Simonika shows Pragya a album containing her pictures with the lady and Rimmi.

Simonika successfully fools Pragya

Pragya gets emotionally blackmailed by the sorrow story and asks Simonika to forgive her for the misunderstanding.Simonika acts all innocent and says that she understands Pragya position and can never be upset from her. She thinks of Pragya as her own sister. Pragya asks for forgiveness again and leaves l.

Simonika smirks after she leaves. Pragya is dazed by all this and catches an auto for home. Simonika recalls that Pragya questioning her and thinking that she has to satiate her questions.
The old lady comes and asks Simonika if her acting was good. She addresses the lady as her mother in law and says thank you. Simonika promises her that Abhi and Pragya will pay for killing her son.

Abhi and Pragya 

Abhi desperately waiting for Pragya. He stops her before she can enter the home and takes her to the servant quarter.
Abhi tells her that he had asked the servants not to come in here for two and half hour. They start having a good time when Abhi feels itchy due to bed bugs.
Pragya asks him to get away from the bed. They get comfortable on a chair and are about to kiss, but Dasi enters the room.
Pragya leaves for house, she feels someone is following her. Sangram is standing behind the pillar and tells her that his dhoti got stuck.
Everyone plans for Abhi’s  birthday. Disha suggests no one should wish him the whole day.
Pragya says he will feel bad but Adverts after both Purab and Disha convince her. Sangram is hearing all this.
Simonika and her mother in law are drinking wine and celebrating.  Sangram calls her and inform about Abhi’s birthday. Simonika tells him that it would  be their last day.