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Kumkum Bhagya 8 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Pragya Accuses Simonika of trying to kill Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 8 March: Pragya is all set in her quest to find more about Simonika. After she finds something she accuses Simonika of trying to hurt Abhi and her family.

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Disha Suspects Rama (Sangram)

Sangram is ogling Disha while she is clicking selfies. Mitali spots her and asks him about it. He deviates the question and leaves from there.

Mitali tells Disha to stay away from the new cook Rama. When she asks why Mitali explains to her that she saw him standing outside her bedroom door. While Disha was talking selfies he was looking at her weirdly. Disha suspects Rama’s intention towards her.

Pragya and Abhi

Pragya is leaving to visit the address on Simonika’s file when Abhi stops her. He pretends to fall to stop Pragya rushes towards her.

Pragya brings Abhi to the room and helps him down on the bed. She shouts at him for running after her, due to which he fell. Abhi tells her it is because Pragya was not sitting with him.
She soon realizes that Abhi is acting for her attention. Pragya wants to leave but Abhi stops her. He asks her to stay for at least 2 hours. She still leaves telling him that after she returns he can have her for the whole night. Abhi gets excited about it.
Pragya hears Simonika telling Disha that she is leaving for the day. Pragya thinks of following her, but before she can leave Disha stops her.
She wants to tell her about Rama, but Pragya hurriedly leaves. Pragya follows Simonika in an auto, but lose her midway. She tells the auto to take her to the address she has taken from Simonika’s ID.
Pragya reaches the address and finds a lady. The lady is hard of hearing but Pragya manages to get inside the house.

Purab Lies to Disha

Disha is furious at Purab for not calling her all day and arriving late on top of it. Purab makes an excuse that he was so busy that he haven’t even eaten anything. Disha feels sorry for him and dishes to get some food. Purab thinks that this why husbands learn to lie after marriage.

Pragya Accuses Simonika

Pragya question the lady about her daughter. After seeing the pic of her Daughter, Pragya concludes that Simonika has been lying to her. She survey’s the house for more proof.

Simonika arrives and acts surprise, she calls for her mother. Pragya slaps her hard and tells her she knows her true identity. Simonika is shocked and silently listens to Pragya’s rant. Pragya iterates all the attempt to hurt Abhi, that have had happened and blames everything on Simonika.

Simonika is crying on hearing this and shouts enough to stop Pragya from speaking further.


Abhi excitedly tells Pragya that tomorrow is 11th March, Pragya acts innocent. Pragya kisses Abhi on the forehead while he is sleeping and wishes him Happy Birthday.