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Kumkum Bhagya 7 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Pragya suspects Simonika’s intentions

Simonika is getting desperate to kill Abhi and Sangram is restless as Disha and Purab are coming closer.

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 7 March 2018: Just before Sangram could manage to Kidnap Disha successfully, Simonika disrupts his plan. Simonika affirms her decision of revenge, while Pragya starts doubting her.

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Simonika stops Sangram

Simonika points a gun at Sangram and threatens to kill him. She shouts at him for trying to spoil her plans. Sangram unhappily agrees to drop Disha back inside the home. (He really calls himself a Goon, a lady with a gun is all it takes to scare you.)

Pragya gets a call from Doctor

Pragya sees Abhi sleeping like a baby and wishes no troubles come over him. She remembers the fire and worries that she still doesn’t know who is it.

Pragya prays to God and asks for a hint about the person who is trying to harm them. The Phone rings and Dr. Jyoti is on the other side.
The Doctor tells Pragya hat Simonika and her husband came to meet her 2 years back. Pragya suggests she might be mistaken as Simonika even if she is married won’t be able to afford your fee. The doctor assures her she remembers them well as the husband was quite rude to him. She can’t recall the husband’s name but remembers that he was from the army.

Simonika performs ‘Havan’

Simonika performs a Shanti Havan for his late husband Dushyant’s soul. She thinks the real peace will only come after Abhi is dead and this time Pragya won’t be able to save him.

The Havan is complete and Simonika goes all Psychotic and shouts out of desperation. She wants to kill Abhi and at any cost.

Abhi gives Pragya a head massage

Pragya is worried about Simonika’s real identity and intentions. Abhi wakes up and questions her about her sleeplessness. He gives her a Champi (head massage) to relax her, while she thinks about finding Simonika’s truth.

Pragya question Simonika

Pragya gets dressed early to find out more about Simonika. Purab and Disha share a lovely romantic moment. He suggests a honeymoon trip to Disha, which she readily agrees.

When Simonika joins Disha and Pragya in the kitchen, the latter thinks of questioning her. She first points out that even Disha is from Haryana and Simonika deviates saying she has never left Mumbai.

Then Pragya asks about her husband and Simonika denies even being married. Pragya says somethings shouldn’t be hidden. When Simonika questions her about it, Pragya diverts the question to Love. Simonika feels uncomfortable with the questioning and excuses herself from there.

Simonika feels Pragya is suspecting her

Pragya is trying to find the employee file of Simonika when she enters the room. Simonika asks Pragya what is she looking for. She lies saying she was looking for Khan Chacha’s file.

Simonika gets tense on hearing his name and stutters a little. She thinks Pragya might have started suspecting her. Pragya finds Simonika’s files and leaves from the room. She sees the address proof’s copy in it and thinks her answers lie at that address.


Pragya goes to Simonika’s house. Simonika calls her mother and says Ma’am has come. Pragya slaps her and tells that her truth is exposed before her.