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Kumkum Bhagya 6 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Sangram manages to sneak Disha out of the House

Kumkum Bhagya 6 March 2018: Today’s show was focussed on Kundali Bhagya’s story more than Kumkum Bhagya. Sangram and his goons are stopped at various points in the house but they managed to get Disha out and in a truck. 

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Disha in Carpet

Sangram and goons are trying to sneak Disha out of the house by putting her in a carpet. Sarla sees them leaving and question who they are?

Purab tells her that Rama(Sangram) is the cook. Sangram cooks up a story saying that he is taking the carpet out, so it doesn’t get dirty with Holi colors.

Before he could do so Abhi and Sammy come in playing catch with each other. Abhi sees Rama and tells him to leave the carpet and concentrate on cooking. As soon as he leaves Sangram and goons take picks the carpet and Disha in it towards the exit.

They are interrupted by Mitali on the stairs and Sangram tells her the same story. Mitali suggests them to exit from back door so none of the guests are disturbed.

Prithvi and Sherlyn plan against Karan and Preetha

Prithvi sets a camera in a room, Sherlyn joins him and they discuss the plan. He makes sure Karan follows him to the room and then locks him in.

While Sherlyn’s duty was to fetch Preetha to the room. Since Preetha might suspect on her direct approach she sends a message through Sammy. Sammy reiterates her message to Preetha that Karan is calling her in the room.

Shristi meets Sangram

Sangram and his goons hit some hurdle and the carpet and Disha fall on the beddings kept there. Shristi is under one of the bedding, heavily under the influence of Bhang.

Shristi looks at Disha and tries to remember if she knows her. Sangram tells her that Disha consumed Bhang and is unconscious. Shristi tells them even she wants to hide from everyone as she can’t be caught inebriated.

She tries to hide in the carpet instead of Disha, but Sangram manages to send her inside. He picks up Disha moves ahead.

Shristi enters the room

Preetha is on her way to the room when she meets an inebriated Shristi. She tells her that Sammy has informed that Karan is calling her in the room but Shristi hears that Sammy is calling her in the room.

Preetha leaves to fetch some lemon water for Shristi while she goes towards the room. Shristi enters the room and confesses her love to Karan, mistaking him for Sammy. Karan is initially shocked and then intrigued about Sammy and Shristi. But before he can question her further she falls asleep.

Prithvi and Sherlyn fight with each other as their plan has terribly failed.

Sangram gets Disha to the Truck

Sangram and his goons finally managed to put Disha in the truck.  He plans to take her to the railway station and then directly to Haryana. After making sure she is alright Sangram moves towards the rear of the truck to sit. But before he can sit someone puts a gun on his forehead.


The doctor calls Pragya to tell her that the lady who came with her to the hospital (Simonika), is married. She have had visited the hospital two years ago with her husband. Pragya is shocked by this information.