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Kumkum Bhagya 5 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Pragya consumes Bhang and Sangram manages to Kidnap Disha

Kumkum Bhagya 5 March 2018 Full Episode Online Written Update: Pragya consumes Bhang and Sangram manages to Kidnap Disha

Kumkum Bhagya 5 March 2018: Abhi manages to get Pragya drunk, so she confesses her identity easily. Sangram feed Disha Bhang and attempts to Kidnap her.

Sangram applies color on Disha

Purab tries to sooth Disha as she accidentally got some color in her eye. While he leaves to fetch some water Sangram takes advantage of the situation and applies color on Disha’s face.

Disha feels discomfort from Sangram’s touch and question who is this as she can’t open her eyes. Sangram leaves before Purab arrives.

Pragya drinks Bhang

Abhi and Pragya are about to kiss when Karan, Preeta, and Rishabh spot them. They disturb their moment and tease them a little.
Abhi manages to get Pragya to drink the ‘thandai’ with bhang. While everyone leaves Pragya is now drunk. Abhi is happy as now he will get a confession of her real identity from her.
Pragya leaves from their and bangs into the dancers. She starts dancing with them on “itna mazza kyu aa raha hai,” Abhi dreams about a duet dance with her.

Disha consumes Bhang

Disha is doing some work when Sangram offers her a Pan with Bhang. He tells her that Purab has sent it. Disha is touched by Purab’s thoughtfulness and eats it. She immediately feels uneasy and faints.
Sangram catches her and calls Balli to come as fast as possible.

Abhi and Pragya

Abhi carries Pragya to their room, while she shouts. When Abhi tries to clean color off her face, Pragya stops him saying that she will do it herself.
Instead of cleaning, she smudges more color on her face. Abhi tries to clean again but she keeps moving, he touches his finger on her nose. She stops, and Abhi thinks she follows this as his Pragya would. He releases her from the statue and thinks this is the right time to ask her about her identity.
Abhi suggests a game of questions and Pragya happily plays. When he asks if she is his buggi, but she deviates from the question.
Pragya asks Abhi to teach her how to do Gold Fish. Abhi gets excited and teaches her, they are about to kiss when they hear some laughing.
Preeta and her friend were hiding the walk in closet. Abhi gets embarrassed while Pragya is happy to see them and teaches them Gold Fish. Preeta tell her that she is really glad that Pragya has got such a cute and loving husband and leaves the room.
Abhi sees Pragya is still practicing the gold fish face, he approaches her for a kiss. Before he can kiss Pragya is sound asleep.


Sangram and his goon have kept unconscious Disha in a Van. Before he can sit in the Van someone puts a gun to his forehead.