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Kumkum Bhagya 15 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Purab tries to locate the bomb and Abhi gets Pragya drunk

Unknown that there is a ticking bomb threatening their life everyone is happily enjoying Abhi's Birthday Party.

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 15 March 2018: Everyone is celebrating Abhi’s birthday and still keeping it a surprise from him. Purab is trying to locate the bomb. Simonika is smirking throughout the episode as she feels that this is the last few happy moments of the family.

In lieu of keeping Abhi distracted Pragya dances with him and drinks champagne. Meanwhile, Abhi wants her to get drunk so she blurts out the truth.

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Abhi and Pragya Dance

The MC announces a special dance of Abhi and Pragya. She hesitates a little but everyone encourages her. Abhi and Pragya dance on ‘Lag Ja Gale.’  Simonika thinks Sangram is mad if Pragya knew about the bomb she wouldn’t be dancing like this.

Pragya is lost in Abhi’s eyes and he asks her about it. Pragya tells him that he is looking very handsome today. He also praises her. They hug on stage and everyone claps for them.
Pragya realizes she is on stage and gets down hurriedly to look for Purab. Purab is also looking for her. Before they could talk Abhi takes them on stage again.
All four of them dance. Pragya asks Purab about the gift while dancing, he says no. Purab tells him to keep Abhi distracted while he searches one again. Simonika is unaware of this and happily thinks that these are the last moments of the family.

The Bomb Blasts

The bomb will blast at 9 and their is just fifteen minutes  Simonika thinks of leaving just two minutes before the timing. everyone is on stage wishing Abhi.

Pragya approaches him and gifts him the jewellery bag and tells him that this is from his Fuugi. Abhi excitedly opens the box and the bomb explodes. Simonika hears the explosion from outside the house. She shouts addressing Dushyant, that she has killed the whole family of his killer.

Simonika is dreaming all this and thinking in just a few minutes this all will be true.

Disha falls in Sangram’s Arms

Pragya is distracted but Abhi stops her and dance with her once again. Disha asks Purab about the gift, Purab sadly says no. He tells her that he is getting worried. She assures him that all will be fine. Sangram is hearing the exchange and doubts them.
Disha loses her balance and Sangram catches her. She balances her self and thanks him. Sangram thinks he has to get her out before the bomb blasts.

Abhi gets Pragya Drunk

Abhi opens a bottle of Champagne on Disha ‘s honor. He tells Pragya to drink, but she denies. Dadi also asks Pragya to drink and she does.

Abhi then asks her to drink another glass, but she refuses again. She later agreed in lieu of distracting him from the absence of Purab. Abhi thinks now that she is drunk she will blurt out that it is his birthday party. Simonika is also enjoying thinking about their end.

Purab finds the gift box

Purab is worriedly looking for the gift box that has the bomb. He spots the jewelers bag that Pragya was talking about. He picks it up.

Simonika sees him checking the gifts out and thinks if he suspects something. Before she could check on the bomb, she collides with Aaliya. Aaliya shouts on her and leaves while Simonika looks on for Purab.


Abhi and Pragya are in their room and talking. Pragya tells her that nothing can happen to him. Even a bomb cannot harm him as she will protect him always. When Abhi asks why then Pragya confesses that she loves him.