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Kumkum Bhagya 14 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Family enjoys Abhi’s birthday party, while Simonika plans to kill them

Everyone is enjoying the party and Planning to surprise Abhi. But will Pragya be able to stop the bomb in time?

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Kumkum Bhagya 14 March 2018: Abhi is still under the impression that it is Disha’s birthday party. Everyone is enjoying themselves at the party. Purab, Disha, and Pragya are trying their best to spot the culprit or the bomb.

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Simonika is saved from guard

The guard is about to check the gift through the metal detector. Simonika is worried about getting caught. A servant comes from inside and asks Simonika to come in without checking. Simonika slyly enters from the side and the servant reprimands the guards not to check house members.

Dancers are performing on the stage and everyone is enjoying. Purab makes sure everyone is distracted and leaves to check the gifts.

Abhi and Disha Dance

Abhi arrives and wished Disha on her birthday. He announces the next performance is by them ‘Jija and Saali.’Disha and Abhi dance together, everyone is enjoying and dancing along.
Pragya brings in more gifts to Purab for checking but they find nothing. He tells her to keep the gifts back and bring more. Pragya collides into Simonika who is holding the bomb. Simonika hides the bomb behind her. She asks Pragya is she could help, but Pragya tells her to enjoy the Party.
Abhi spots Pragya and thinks he can’t stay angry with her as she is so beautiful inside and out. Pragya sees him smiling at her and thinks nothing should happen to this smile or she will never forget herself.
Dasi and others come between Abhi and Pragya. They tell him that the Dance was good. Abhi happily shares the credit with Disha. She accidentally says birthday boy and everyone tries to cover it up. Abhi suspects that everyone might be fooling him from the morning.

Simonika shouts at Sangram

Simonika enters the kitchen and angrily asks Sangram why did he call her. He tells her that Purab and Pragya are on to something and they should cancel the plan.
Simonika shouts at him, that if Pragya knew about the plan she would have had Abhi locked in the room. The party would have been stopped. She points a knife at Sangram warning him not to mess with her plan.
Aaliya enters the kitchen and questions Simonika about the knife. Simonika evades the question saying, she was just handing the knife back to the cook. She pretends she was here to check on fresh starters and leaves.
Aaliya and Tanu doubt something is odd about Simonika. Sangram thinks he needs to save Disha from bomb anyhow.

Abhi approaches Pragya

Abhi thinks he should do something that Pragya herself tells him about the surprise. He approaches Pragya smiling sweetly.