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Kumkum Bhagya 13 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Purab, Disha, and Pragya plans to catch Killer redhanded

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 13 March 2018: Pragya is informed that someone is planning against Abhi. She tells Disha and Purab about it. Instead of canceling the birthday party the trio plans to catch the killer.

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Pragya is scared for Abhi

The manager calls Pragya informing her that a Burqa clad lady took a jewelry bag from him and wrote happy birthday Abhi on it.  Pragya is inconsolable after the phone. She goes to Disha and Purab and tells them everything. They try to console her, but she gets hyper by the minute.

Pragya thinks the killer might put a bomb in the gift bag of the jewelry shop. She runs down mumbling to herself. Purab and Disha follow her.

Robin is arranging gifts on the table when Pragya tells him to take all that back. Purab and Disha observe her from the stairs holding hands.

Sangram notices this and gets angry on Purab. Purab and Disha move towards Pragya and takes her away.

Purab, Disha and Pragya plans

They tell Pragya to control her emotions and not to panic. When she plans to cancel the party Purab stops her. He explains that if they cancel the party they might not know the killer’s next plan.
If they remain alert and observe everyone at the party, the killer could be caught. Pragya is not fully convinced as this might risks everyone’s life. But since there is no other option she agrees. Purab tells her that he will arrange for scanning machine.
Sangram throws everything in the kitchen with anger. He now realizes that if the bomb blasts even Disha would die. He decides to safe Disha even if Simonika might kill him.

Simonika is overconfident about her plan

Simonika gets a call, informing her that Pragya was angry at something. She think, if Pragya suspects her plan. Later disregarding the idea as she believes her plan is foolproof.
Simonika arrives at the house and keeps the bomb/gift in the car as of now. The guests have started to come and Pragya looks tensed.
Simonika approaches Pragya, she tells Simonika to change into the clothes she has kept aside for her. As Simonika leaves, Disha approaches Pragya and tells her to look normal or else someone might suspect.
Some guests arrive and give Pragya the gift for Abhi. Simonika is observing all this and smirking to herself that they all are going to die.
Purab brings the metal detector and takes it Pragya and Disha. He has called for a dance troop to distract everyone. So he could check all gifts for a bomb without attracting attention.
Abhi hears the music from the party and feels bad. He thinks that the family members have completely forgotten him. He decides to skip the party all together but change his mind so not to hurt Disha.

The Guard stops Simonika

Simonika fetches the gift from the car and talks to herself how the whole family will be no more after some time. She loses her balance and the gift is about to fall. Remembering that the bomb guy explained that it might be timed but can explode if shaken hard or it falls.
Simonika also remembers that she has told him to set the bomb for 9. She controls her emotion and moves towards the house to see that there are metal detectors at the entry.
Simonika tries to cross through, but the guard stops her. She tells him that she has to go inside for some urgent work. The guard doesn’t allows her to leave without the checking. The guard starts checking her and Simonika is worried.


Pragya gift Abhi a box and tells him that this is from his Fuggi.  blast occurs as Abhi opens the box. Simonika is standing outside the house and saying out loud that her revenge is now complete