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Kumkum Bhagya 12 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Everyone pretends that they have forgotten Abhi’s Birthday

Abhi is being intentionally ignored by the family so that they can surprise him later with a Birthday Party.

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Kumkum Bhagya 12 March 2018: As per the plan everyone pretends of celebrating Disha’s birthday and forgetting Abhi’s special day altogether. Abhi feels bad about the same and is upset with everyone. Simonika has a different surprise gift planned for Abhi.

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Simonika fools Pragya again

Simonika visits Pragya late in the night. She tells Pragya that she was thinking about her situation. Simonika suggests her that she should not disclose about her real identity to anyone as chutki might come in danger then.

Pragya again falls into her trap and thanks her for all her help. Simonika thinks she is winning her trust to shatter it.

Simonika plans to kill everyone

She wakes Sangram and tells him that tomorrow is her anniversary.  Simonika has decided to make this day the last day for Abhi and Pragya.
She plans to plant a bomb in the house to kill everyone at one time. Sangram thinks she has gone cuckoo and he had to save himself and Disha from her plan.

Pragya pretends she has forgotten Abhi’s birthday

Abhi is all excited for tomorrow and Pragya questions him what’s so special? Abhi excitement deflates thinking she doesn’t remember.
Pragya especially acts innocent by telling him that tomorrow she has to go shopping with Disha. She teases him by pretending to remember the tailor or laundry but not his birthday.
Abhi angrily falls asleep and Pragya kisses him and wishes happy birthday at midnight.
Abhi wakes up in the morning and looks for his gifts on his bed. He spots something shiny behind Pragya while she is sleeping. He tries to move Pragya and she falls into her lap. The Shiny thing turns out to be a cushion and Abhi gets disappointed. Pragya teases him some more.

Pragya visits the Jeweler

She visits the jeweler for Abhi’s gift. But it is not ready yet and the manager tells her that he will deliver the gift at home before Abhi’s birthday celebration starts. Pragya leaves from there.

Abhi sees Purab and everyone decorating the house and feels good that someone remembers his birthday. His hopes soon die as Purab tells him this is all to surprise Disha on her birthday.

To tease Abhi more Dadi brings a big portrait of Disha as a gift and Abhi leaves disheartened.

Simonika visits the Jeweler

Simonika is dressed in Burkha and visits the same Jeweler that Pragya visited. She thinks how foolish of Pragya to tell her that she has bought Abhi’s gift from this shop.

She pretends to be a customer and ask for a jewelry bag from the sales girl. The manager is observing this conversation and suspects Simonika. The sales girl give her the bag and a pen.

Simonika write’s happy birthday Abhi on the card attached to the bag. The suspecting manager zooms onto the card with the help of the CCTV camera. He gets more suspicious about her white lie, but before he can stop her Simonika leaves with the Bag.

Simonika plants the bomb in the bag

Simonika asks her ally to fit the bomb into a box, she will put the bomb in Jewelry bag. Pragya will think it’s her gift and everyone will die when the bomb explodes.

She asks Sangram to carry the gift inside the home from the back kitchen door. Sangram is scared at first but agrees later.


Preparation of Abhi’s surprise party is in full swing when Pragya gets a call from the Jeweler, he tells her about the lady in Burkha. Pragya gets shocked and drops her phone.