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It’s a 3 gen makeover. Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner and MJ all go blonde to promote Kim’s soon to launch concealer Ad.

Kim Kardashian’s family pose for her new concealer.
Kim Kardashian’s family pose for her new concealer.

It’s a family cum 3 generations makeover. Kim Kardashian, her mother Kris Jenner and Grandma MJ, all got their hairs turn blonde to promote Kim Kardashian’s soon to launch concealer Ad.

The family poses in Kim’s new ad.

Kim’s entire family is modeling for her upcoming concealers. Her Grandma MJ, 83 her mother Kris Jenner, 62 and she herself Kim Kardashian, 38 pose for a photo with all their hair turned to platinum blonde. Kim Kardashian posted this brand new photo on Instagram and captioned it as: MARCH 23 CONCEALER KITS launching on KKWBEAUTY.COM. She even thanked her mom and grandmom for posing for her and considers them as the best models. She writes:

“Thanks to my mom & grandma for being the best models and going blonde for this shoot! I’m so proud that my concealers have anti aging properties and we used models ranging from their 20’s to 80’s! Go to @kkwbeauty to see all of our swatches and product shots!”

Kim on her new 3 step concealer kit.

Speaking to Allure, Kim mentions that her new concealer is a 3 step kit. It contains one liquid concealer and 2 powders. The formula behind the kit is conceal, bake and brighten. The formula has been used by Male up artist Mario Dedivanovic. Kim speaks about the difficulty involved in developing the kit saying:

“More important than reaching a launch date was getting the perfect formulas. Not only did I want to make sure there were some ingredients to treat the signs of aging like ceramides and marine collagen, but I also wanted a blendable product that you could really build to achieve that lighter undereye effect without the concealer creasing.”

Product range of the new concealer.

The new 3 step concealer Kit comes in 24 different shades. The other images of the models include models with different skin tone, ages and texture. The models range from 20’s to 80’s.