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Beyoncé fans disappointed as the Ticketmaster goof up sells off her OTR II tour presale.

Beyoncé Jay-Z OTR II presale
Beyoncé Jay-Z OTR II presale

Ticketmaster became the villain today for the Beyoncé – Jay-Z fans as they tried to book the couples OTR II Tour Tickets. Angry fans took to Twitter to show their resentment. Read here for details.

Beyoncé – Jay-Z fans disappointed as the Ticketmaster crashes.

Beyoncé – Jay-Z embark on their tour OTR-II on 6th June. Though that may sound too far, the tickets on ticketmaster sold out in minutes as it went live today on 14th March 2018 9:00 am, North American time leaving the fans clueless and ticketless filled with anger and resentment. The fans took to Twitter complaining about the goof up. They reported that though they logged in at the exact time the Ticket master showed sold out.

Complaints by the angry fans on Twitter.

One of the fans laughed up saying that ticketmaster royally screwed ur the Beyonce’s Tour presale.

Another one said:

Beyoncé fans complained that though they logged on at the exactly same time, ticket master website crashed unallowing them to buy the tickets. Only a few European dates shows available and the rest all are shown sold out. One unimpressed fan wrote:

“Despite only a few european dates being up for presale today, OTRII is causing Ticketmaster to crash, good luck to everyone trying to get tickets!”

About Beyoncé Jay Z tour schedule.

The OTR II UK/USA kicks off on June 6th at the UK Principality Stadium in Cardiff and the last show in UK is on 17th July at FR Allianz Riviera, Nice. The first show in North America is on 25th July at the OH First energy Statium in Cleveland and the Tour ends with their last show on 2nd October at the BC BC place in Vancouver.