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Aamir Khan’s birthday surprise. Debuts on Instagram with more than 235k followers in just 9 hours.

Aamir Khan Debuts on Instagram on 53rd Birthday
Aamir Khan Debuts on Instagram on 53rd Birthday

Yes it’s the birthday surprise Aamir Khan has given to his fan. Finally Aamir Khan debuts on Instagram at 12:00am on his 53rd birthday i.e. today 14th March and gets a record followers of more than 235K and that too without a single post.

Aamir Khan yet to post his first photo.

Aamir Khan has finally joined Instagram and has 238 followers in just 10 hours that too without a post. A source close to Aamir Khan scooped an information about Aamir’s first post. He said:

“Enough thought is being put on what should be the first post on the photo sharing platform. And he wants to keep it something very personal, very close to his heart. After considering several ideas, Aamir has zeroed in on a sketch of his mother that has been gifted to him by someone close to the family. Aamir is very, very close to his mother and believes that everything he is today, is because of his mother.”

So we might get to see the sketch of Aamir’s mother on his Insta account soon.

Aamir on other Social Media.

Though Aamir is very active on other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter he never encountered Instagram. And now finally he has debuted on that too. Insta is all about pictures and more very close and personal we will get a glimpse of Aamir’s perfectionist life through Instagram. Hopefully her Thugs of Hindostan co star Katrina Kaif who is a pro of Insta might help Aamir to explore Instagram.

Once again we wish you a Very Happy Birthday and lots of Love Mr. Aamir Khan, The perfectionist. And yes we will not be surprised if Aamir Khan releases the first Poster of his upcoming movie Thugs of Hindostan on Instagram today.

Waiting eagerly to see what Aamir’s first post on Instagram would be.


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