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A brand new Promo of ‘The Royals’ and ‘The Arrangement’ casts partying together.

The Royals and The Arrangement team up for promo
The Royals and The Arrangement team up for promo

And it’s hillarious. What less could be expected when the casts of ‘The Royals’ and ‘The Arrangement’ are seen together. The incredible Sunday Line up of E! is depicted in a brand new promo.

What’s in the teaser of the Promo?

The Royals and The Arrangement are returning with a brand new season on March 11 and the icing on the cake is they are coming back to back. And for the promo Alexander Park and William Moseley of The Royals join hands with Christine Evangelista and Josh Henderson of The Arrangement. In the promo we see a woman’s co worker asking her if she na gone out for the Sunday Night. She negates but her night was nowhere near being boring. Alexander, William. Christine and Josh all four of them come to her Apartment and enjoy to the fullest. The do everything like spray painting on the wall, drinking, smashing the wedding cake and what not. This shows up what Sunday Nights are going to be from next Week with the long awaited shows return with an all new season, The Arrangement at 9 pm and The Royals at 10pm.

About the new seasons of the shows.

The second season of The Arrangement would feature Megan taking the lead and moving ahead with her plan of Taking down the Institute of Higher Mind as well as getting married to Kyle. It will also feature Kyle’s dark past and how he is associated with the Institute of Higher Minds leader Terence Anderson and Deann Anderson. While the fourth season of The Royals would feature Prince Robert being crowned as the King of England. On the other hand Prince Liam and dethroned uncle Cyrus team up and the Queen Helena struggles to control them.
Are you excited for the all new season of the two epic series and that too back to back.