3 Storeys Movie Review, Rating, Story and Cast,The concoction of 3 simply complicated stories will appease you

3 Storeys Movie: Life is just like that, it may seem simple on the surface but underneath its a convoluted plot. The Renuka Shahane, Pulkit Samrat, Sharman Joshi and Richa Chadha starer 3 Storeys is one such story.

Debutant Director Arjun Mukerjee has managed to weave a story that looks simple on its onset and gets twisted as it moves ahead.

3 Storeys Star Cast

  • Renuka Shahane
  • Pulkit Samrat
  • Sharman Joshi
  • Masumeh Makhija
  • Richa Chadha
  • Sunny Singh Nijjar
  • Aisha Ahmed
  • Ankit Rathi

3 Storeys Story 

Three stories that revolve around 3 residents of a 3 storeyed
apartment in a Mumbai chawl. Their lives appear to be simple but the slimy secrets are not far away.

An  Anglo-Indian widow Flory Mendonca (Renuka Shahane), wants an exorbitant price for her flat. Vishal Naik (Pulkit Samrat) buys the overpriced house without flinching.

Varsha (Masumeh Makhija), is trapped in a loveless and abusive marriage. She suddenly meets her lost love, Sharman Joshi. Malini (Aisha Ahmed), a college-going Hindu girl is in love with a Muslim boy Suhail (Ankit Rathi).

The story then headway into ulterior motives, snippy secrets, and their revelations.

3 Storeys Review

The strong suit of the movie is its storytelling, some twits are obvious and some surprise you. Veteran actor Shahane has proven her mettle. Sharman ans Makhija nicely cover the shades of their charecters.

Pulkit convincinglysteps out of his Delhi boy image and slips into this character. New comer Aisha Ahmed and Ankit Rathi shows potential.

Overall the film is a easy breezy affair in the begining that peels into seriousness one mystery at a time. Telling three complex story is not simple task but director Arjun Mukerjee does a good job.

Although you will find a few instances that looks too engeniered for this story, but you will easily overcome those in the bigger picture.

All in all the concostion of three simply complicated stories will give you a good sort of hangover.

3 Storeys Rating

We give the movie a 3 out of 5. Our personal verdict  – it’s a much watch thriller if you enjoy a brain tease once in a while.