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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Naira find Kartik and they save the kids from the goons

Kartik and Naira manage to save the Kids, but the couple is not out of Danger as of yet.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8 March: Naira finds Kartik amidst the ice and saves him. The priest has the family doing his dirty work of transferring the kids by threatening them. The couple manages to save the kids from the goon but can they save their family.

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Naira saves Kartik

Naira finds Kartik and manages to get him or out of the ice sculpture. She tries to wake him up but he is unconscious.

The priest and goons put the kid in a van. The priest asks Manish and Naitik to drive the van. If they don’t they will kill the kids and then a well.
Kartik wakes up coughing. They both tell each other what they know. They decide to save the kids together. Kartik and Naira devices a plan.
Dadi asks the priest why he did that? The priest tells her that it’s so easy to fool people. Especially the ones with blind faith and that they deserved to be fooled.

Kartik and Naira Saves the Kids

The goon collects the kids on one side. Biju says that the father’s of the couple are now doing the job, all thanks to Guruji (priest). Before they can leave a jeep crashes into the warehouse, surprisingly them.
The goons look in the jeep and it’s empty. Kartik and Naira slide down from the roof with a roop unobserved by the goons. They tell the kids to relax and trust them. The kids tell them about Fathers and Kartik and Naira gets angrier.
They mingle with kids and walk towards the door, picking up rocks and nails on the way to hit the goons. They split up and hit goons, Kartik and Naira fight hard with the goons.
Kartik and Naira send the kids safely to the police station. They beat Biju till he admits everything, recording what he says.

Manish tries to tell the Police

Dadi still can’t get over the fraud Priest and Naitik tells her that their blind trust is what supports them. Manish and Naitik signal each other but the goon notices it and tells them not to act smart or he will kill everyone.
The Police stop them and ask them a few questions. When Manish tries to hint them by speaking in English, the goon presses the gun on Dadi. He tells them to speak in Hindi, so he also understands. The goon tells the Inspector that he is taking them to the temple near the border and police let them go.
Kartik and Naira chase the Van with a car and manages to overtake it. The van stops and everyone feels relief after seeing them. The goon gets down and points a gun at them.


A gunshot is heard and everyone is shocked.