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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online: everyone suspects Naitik and Priyanka

While everyone suspects a relationship between Naitik and Priyanka, the original equation seems to be little different.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online: everyone suspects Naitik and Priyanka
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online: everyone suspects Naitik and Priyanka

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 Feb 2018: An unwell Naitik is nursed for by Priyanka. But everyone suspects, that something else was conspiring between the two.

If you have missed Monday’s episode, here a quick recap.

A dizzy Naitik make his way to the Kid’s room. Priyanka hovers over him worried about his health.

Dadi is Praised

The same ladies who have taunted Dadi about the ‘Chadhava,’ praises her. They show everyone a video where a reporter is praising Goenka’s for donating to poors. Naira feels happy about the development, while Dadi feels a little embarrassed.

Everyone appreciates Dadi for her effort. But Dadi is concerned, that Kartik will fight with her if he knows the earlier argument was because of this. So, she doesn’t give credit to Naira, but to the full family.

Naira feels a little hurt but say nothing, Suwarna also feels that Dadi did wrong. She thinks of telling Kartik about it later. Dadi asks the couple to change and come down for rest of the rituals.

Kids Room

Priyanka suggests calling the Doctor, but Naitik denies. Naira is about to enter the room while the two are talking. Kartik stops her suggesting, if someone sees her in this room they may know about the fight.

Suwarna vs. Dadi

Suwarna approaches Dadi and confronts her for not mentioning Naira. Dadi simply answers that she wanted to ignore the drama that might have followed. Not satisfied by her answers, Suwarna taunts her and leave. Furious with Suwarna’s behaviour Dadi decides to teach her a lesson and get her daughter in law under her control again.

Naksh and Kirti

While looking for Naitik, Naksh spots Kirti. He asks her about Dadi’s anger towards her earlier. Kirti explains that it’s nothing serious. Naksh sweetly offers to apologize in her place to Dadi.

Kirti feels bad and worries about the hurt Naksh will feel is the truth comes out.

Naira and Kartik

Looks like Kartik and Naira’s monologues are here to stay. While dressing up Naira and Kartik recalls their romantic moments. The duo wants to talk to each other but hesitate creating a sort of hide and seek moment between the two.

While the two ponder about the why’s and how’s they collide. But before they could speak there heart out, Shubham and kids arrive.

Shubham feels something off between the couple and immediately jumps to the conclusion that Naira has told Kartik about the files. Kartik receives a message from client and thinks to delegate the presentation to Shubham.

But as Kartik mentions the Presentation, the guilt conscious Shubham blurts out what he has done. Kartik is shocked on hearing this and could not react to Shubham.

Before he can talk to Naira about it, Dadi calls them to place the diyas’ in every room of the house.

Naitik and Priyanka

Kartik, Naksh and a full array of ladies enter the Kids room to place the Diya there. The crowd is shocked to their core as they see Priyanka hovering over Kartik and feeding him a chocolate.

Naitik freezes when he spots all of them. Recovering from her shock first, Naira run towards him. She asks him if he is fine. Naitik explains that he was feeling dizzy and Priyanka found him here. She suggested him to eat some chocolates to feel better.

No one really believes Naitik, especially Naksh looks at him accusingly. Suwarna suggests the kids to stay with Naitik and takes everybody out.

The Doubts

An awkward moment has fallen between all. Naitik tries to explain but Kartik and Naira stops him. Kartik fears how Naira might react on knowing the Truth.

Naira doesn’t feel like talking about this with Naitik. While he himself feels clearing the air would have made him feel better. All the while Naksh is in a state of shock and disbelief. Sailing in the same boat as Naksh are Bhabhi Maa, Devyaani, Rajshri and Bhua Dadi.

Dadi shuts down teh gossip mongrel by telling them they know about the relationship. It is their intimate matter, the ladies should take the Prasad and gifts and leave.

Dadi vs. Naitik

Naitik confronts Dadi on hearing what she said to the ladies. Dadi explains she did all this to protect reputations of both the families.

Everyone is now in on this conversation. Naira enquires about the matter. Dadi tells everyone she had to do what she did to save face of both Naitik and Priyanka. The frame frezees with Naira crying and everyone in shock.


Devyani calls Naira to inform her that Naitik has locked himself in his room. Naira and Kartik are standing in front of Naitik’s room convincing him to open the door.