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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online: Kartik doesn’t support Naira in fight with Dadi over ‘charhava’

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9 Feb 2018: The distances and differences between Kartik and Naira increases. Kirti can’t concentrate in Pooja, as she fears Kartik knowing about the loss or the money she took from Dadi.

If you have missed yesterday’s episode, here a quick recap.

Singhania House

Kirti and Naksh are performing the Shivratri Pooja, surrounded by guests and family. Kirti had already spotted the money collector at the door, does fears someone might ask him something.

Before Kirti could excuse herself, Bhabhi Ma asks her to distribute Arti to everyone. It would be auspicious as she is the ‘Laxmi’ of the house. Kirti unwillingly and nervously performs the task.

Naksh spots the guy and attend him. He come towards a scared Kirti and tell him that the guy is here to pick up a Package. She is about to leave when Bhua Dadi stops her for a ritual, and suggests to send Naksh to fetch the package.

Not seeing any way out, Kirti tells Naksh that it is inside the Black bag in her Almirah. Naksh goes up to the room while Kirti gets more scared.

Oh My God Movement

The scene between Dadi and Naira reminds us of Akshay Kumar’s Oh My God. Kartik and Shubham leaves for office while the family stands in a line.

When Naira comes, she is told by Luv and Kush that God is drinking milk. She suggests Dadi to not to believe in such rituals. After a slight heated conversation Naira takes away Luv and Kush to show them something.

She shows them that all the milk is falling down the drain and poor hungry kids, are looking at it miserably. Naira flashbacks to her Rishikesh days and preaches the Kids that God doesn’t need food. He needs us to be help someone in need and in return he will help us with our needs.

Naira spots the ‘Chadhava,’ trucks and instead of unloading the milk Ghee mewa at the mandir, she directs the truck somewhere else.

While Dadi’s friends ask about her grant this year, she boastes that this time it is more than ever. When Surekha calls the Truck Driver to check the status, she is shocked to know that Naira has taken the trucks somewhere.

Kirti is Saved

Kirti keeps looking up the stairs in nervousness. She relaxes when Naksh ascends down with a small packed package. But while coming down Naksh loses his balance and the bag falls on the floor. All the contents of the bag are on display, thankfully the money was tucked in an envelope.

Kirti closes her eyes when Naksh is about to pick up the package. But the Money collector picks up the package before Naksh could. He takes the package and kirti breathes in a sigh of relief.

Is Kirti in more trouble

Kirti’s mobile phone chimed a message that the money collector will be an hour late, which she did not see as she was busy in Pooja.

It is a possibility that the man on the door was someone else and the money lender is still to arrive. or it might be our overactive imagination.  We will get to know next week.

Kartik’s Bad Day

Kartik have a fight in office with clients, he is frustrated by it. He plans on having a ‘Adrak wali Chai,’ made by Naira to soothe his headache.

But before he can return home to his Ginger Tea, he gets stuck in traffic raising his frustration another notch.

Dadi vs. Naira

Dadi is obviously furious with Naira. They enter into a staring match as soon as she arrives home.

The argument starts and both parties keep their point. While Dadi pleads that she does not interfere in her believes than why does Naira has to intervene every time.

Naira tells everyone that she has been a victim of such idiocy. How could she let all those food go to a affluent trust when their are hungry underprivileged people out there.

Manish suggests that they have money for both the purposes Naira could have let Dadi be and given the grant separately. Dadi enters into a whole melodramatic avatar.

Claiming she might have died before seeing this. If she can’t perform rituals as per her beliefs, she is better dead. She is most affected by the insult she had to bear. Even the Pandit ji, questioned about the missing daan.

Pressure cooker Kartik

Already super frustrated kartik enters the house to this scenario. The bubble of his angers bursts on Naira. For once, Kartik did not support her and everyone including Naira is shocked about it.

Naira tries to explain that she did nothing wrong, but he cuts her off. He explains that she might be correct but why is it always a necessity to intervene into everything.

To be precise her said “har cheez mai chowdrayan bana zaroori hai.”

Kartik, continues his rant about having a bad day and then witnessing this. He requests Naira, that he would not like to come home to something like this again. He leaves while everyone else is silenced by shock.

Precap for Monday

The inconspicuous shows Kartik and Naira dressing up as Shiv and Parvati for the Shivratri Puja. The screen halts at a smartly placed half and half shot resembling “Aradh Nareshwar.”