Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8 Feb 2018 Full Episode
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8 Feb 2018 Full Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8 Feb 2018: The episode was basically a build for Shivratri’s episode where a lot of things are about to happen simultaneously.

If you have missed yesterday’s episode, here a quick recap.

Naira confronts Shubham

Naira approaches Shubham in full anger. Shubham innocently asks about his fault, to which Naira shows him the pen drive. Shubham immediately flashes back to his deed of deleting Naitik’s file.

Denying the allegations he pleads innocence. Naira doesn’t believe him and threatens him to rat him out. As, his act had hurt not just Naitik but everyone in the family. Manish ascends the stairs while on phone unaware of the situation.

Suwarna stops Naira from telling everyone. While Manish is walking towards them, she pleads with Naira to forgive Subham this time. The incident has already caused enough trouble in the family.

Naira unwillingly accepts Suwarna’d demands. But not without warning Shubham of the consequences if something like this is repeated. Suwarna also warns Shubham about his ways and leaves.

Kirti’s Tensed

Kirti pleads Mr. Narang to postpone the payment for a day. But to no avail, as ultimately she agrees for the guy to come and take the money tomorrow. She is worried about all the guests that will be present at their home.

When Kirti wakes up the next morning she sees Naksh near her open cupboard. Scared that he might spot the bag full of money Kirti frazzles out. Naksh teases her about her possessiveness about her cupboard and gives her the gift he trying to hide in there.

Kirti hugs Naksh but her concentration is on the bag itself.

Kartik and Naira

The duo is not able to communicate with each other. Kartik wished he could tell Naira about her father and Priayanka’s relationship. While she wants to fess up about Shubham and his deed.

Next morning Kartik is mesmerized by Naira getting ready. But when Naira turns he is checking his phone which upsets her. Kartik comes near her and helps her wear the bangle and the earrings all the while getting cozy with her. Naira’s reaction to this was somewhat like she is being tortured.

She steps back when Kartik comes near, only to give him ‘Sindoor’ box. He applies Sindoor on Naira’s forehead and she leaves. While all the ladies are heavily adorned, the male of the Goenka house is roaming in their Pj’s.

Priyanka comes to everyone’s surprise. Dadi and Sureka share a side eye moment on her arrival. While Priyanka disperses to attend a call, Sureka records it and show it to Dadi. Priyanka is talking to Naitik and saying that it’s high time they should tell everyone. If he is scared she will come over and help him out.

Dadi is shock on hearing this and feels tonight will be quite dramatic.

Singhania House

The money collector is not picking up an extremely tensed Kirti’s call. As soon as she puts aside her phone for Puja a message arrives on the phone. The unread message displays, that the money collector will come an hour late.

Two members of the family who are hiding something are extremely distracted while the prayers – Naitik and Kirti. Kirti spots someone at the door and tenses.

 Shiv Mandir

Naitik comes down, dressed in a new suit. Naira appraises him and does ‘thu thu thu’ in true Dadi style. All the while pretending to ignore him, kartik feels the pinch of being ignored.

In an attempt to ease things between Kartik and Naira, Suwarna suggest all the sons should join them in Puja. At the Mandir, Suwarna suggests them to tell their hearts desire to Nandi Maharaj.

The duo sits near Nandi’s idol and in a silent monologue, tell their issue to the idol. They complain about their misunderstanding and inability to clear the air, completing each others silent sentences.

During the Prayer Suwarna wishes the differences between the duo should be solved at the earliest.


Dadi’s friends ask her about the grant she does every year. Dadi boasts that this year she has called for truck full of stuff to give away. Naira is shown taking away the trucks and Dadi’s obviously is quite angry about it.