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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online: Kartik finds the Divorce papers and leave

Shubham places the Divorce paper in Kartik's file but Katik believes that Naira has sent it to him.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28 Feb 2018:  Things were about to get sorted between the duo. Looks like Maasi Dadi and Swuarna’s idea worked. But Shubham interferes with his stupid plan of Divorce papers and disrupts everything.

If you have missed Yesterday’s episode, here a quick recap

Kartik and Naira wins the Nail Paint Round

Adaa calls kartik, he comes running on the stage. The game starts and everyone sits to apply nail paint. Some ladies try to tease Dadi, that kartik will win as he is always after Naira already.

Suwarna tells Kartik to apply the nail paint carefully. Kartik gently applies the nail paint and the duo wins the round.  Adaa asks all of the contestants, who was uncomfortable with this round. A few contestants raise their hand and Adaa continues by saying she understands.
She says that it is not their fault as we have been taught from childhood that wives should beneath husbands. If husbands supports a wife he is called hen pecked. Adaa then questions them who are they to interfere between husband and wife. Like everyone is made different, every couples relationship is different and no should judge them.
Naira looks into Kartik’s eye and thinks what does he wants to say. Kartik silently tells her that their relationship is just theirs and instead of listening to anybody she should have had a word with him.

Divorce Papers

Adaa announces the next round, each contestant will be given 15 minutes to write something about each other.
Shubham places the divorce papers in Kartik’s file but couldn’t  place it in  Naira’s file. Luv and Kush sees him and think he might just be planning some surprise for Kartik and Naira.

Swuarna and Rajshri talk to Naira

Swuarna and Rajshri talks to Naira and make her understand her fault. They tell her that just because someone said something, she has distanced herself form Kartik. But what about Kartik, he is hurting because he can’t understand her rude behavior towards him.
They suggest Naira to sort their differences, tell Kartik how much she loves him and trust him. Give him an equal chance to decide about the matter.  Not let anyone else interfere between their bond. Swuarna tells her to strengthen their bond on their anniversary.

Kartik sees the Divorce Papers

Kartik happily writes down a sweet note for Niara completely ignorant of the divorce paper beneath it. The paper flies and he notices the papers. He is shocked after reading those papers and can’t believe his eyes.

Maasi Dadi Leaves

Maasi Dadi is leaving as its time for her flight. She tells Dadi, that her family is perfect bit she has to change her thoughts about husband and wife relationship.
Dadi tells her that people around them doesn’t accept such things still. Masi Dadi then tells her, that perfect is when everyone is happy not what she thinks is right.

Kartik Leaves the competition

 Adaa calls all three female contestants on stage and then the Guys. Kartik doesn’t come this time as well. Someone comes on stage to tell Adaa something. Adaa informs everyone that Kartik has withdrawn himself from the competition.
Everyone is shocked, Naira cries. Shubham thinks if Kartik has not seen the papers.
Kartik is outside really hurt about the papers. He says to himself, that Naira shouldn’t have sent the divorce papers. She should have trusted their love. He is shattered and flash backs to when the confessed their love to each other.
Naira sees the drawing Kartik has made for her and thinks why didn’t he come on stage. She sees some papers in the file and opens it, spotting the divorce papers. Naira is shocked.


Manish slaps Shubham hard and Naira falls on floor calling for Kartik as he is missing. Naira gets a notification on her phone that Kartik has booked flight for somewhere. Everyone is shocked.