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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online: Kartik and Naira qualifies for the next round of the competition

Naira and Kartik might have won the competition, but the round of ego vs. love is getting difficult for them.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 Feb 2018: Kartik and Naira initially struggled in the competition but got their rhythm towards the next round.The next round has got them in a fix. While Shubham has planned something really big for them. If you have missed Yesterday’s episode, here a quick recap

Bol Baby Bol – first round

Adaa introduces the next round as bol baby bol, which will have couples answering questions about each other. Kartik and Naira are given a room which is romantically decorated, they feel a little awkward in the room.

An announcement is made to call the couples backstage and remind them to perform their best in each round to move ahead.
The sticker falls from the wall and kartik takes glue to stick it again. Naira comes to help him and the remember their cozy moments.
The first round starts, it would be a rapid fire. The couples have to answer together. Naira and Kartik answers three consecutive incorrectly.
Naira thinks it is because they are answering from heart. She thinks they should look into each other eyes and answer, Karthik thinks the same and they manages to give the rest answers correctly.

Shubham drops the Divorce papers

Shubham feels hot and leaves to talk to Naksh about the air conditioning. He remembers the papers at the very last minute and takes the jacket with him.
Naksh is busy backstage handling everything, Kirti brings a tray full of stuff for him. She asks him to at least drink something before doing anything.
Shubham, informs them about the heat and leaves from their, dropping the envelope meanwhile.

Newspaper Dancing round

Adaa announces the couples for next round, Kartik and Naira qualifies. The next round is to dance on paper while they keep folding it. The condition is that husbands can’t pick up their wives.
Everyone starts dancing, Naira and Kartik remembers their wedding dance as ‘Jagg Ghumiya’ plays in the background. The Paper keeps on folding, Naira is now on Kartik’s feet.
They are about to fall down when Naira pick Kartik up, to stay on the paper. Everyone is astonished at this first and later relaxes, except Dadi. Obviously she did not like it.
Shubham realises the envelope is missing and struggles to find them all over the place. He finally finds them in the nick of the time before Naksh could spot it.
Karthik asks Naira if she is ohk, she could have gotten heart while picking him up. Naira says she is ohk and apologizes for picking him up as she did whatever she could think of at that moment.
She explains him that she wouldn’t like him loosing because of her. Kartik essays her thought and they are about to patch up when the announcement of next round is done.

Round Three – Ego and love

The third round if ego vs love, the husband would have to paint the toenails of the wife. Naira immediately remembers Dadi calling him henpeck and gets upset about it.

Dadi objects about the round but Masi Dadi explains her, if wife can touch husbands feet and massages them. Why can’t husband paint his toe nails. Dadi isn’t convinced by the explanation.

Adda invites everyone on stage, but Kartik and Naira are missing. They announce their name saying that Naira and Kartik will be eliminated if they did not show up in sometime. Dadi thinks what should she pray, if Kartik doesn’t come it is an insult and if he comes and paint Naira’s toe nails that an insult.

Naira is stressed and accidentally drops her purse on the floor. She finds the missing ring and realizes that she can’t loose Kartik and have to fight for him.

Running towards the stage she tries to locate Kartik. She tells him that she is going on stage and Kartik should join her. Adaa questions about Kartik and Naita looks worried.


Rajshri tells Naira that she had created this distance, Suwarna suggests her to make the bond stronger on their wedding anniversary. Kartik gets shocked seeing the divorce papers.