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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online: Karthik and Naira participates in Best Couple Competition

Would the efforts by Swuarna and Masi Dadi ease things between Kartik and Naira

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26 Feb 2018: Swuarna and Masi Dadi takes full advantage of Dadi’d insecurity towards Masi Dadi. Karthik and Naira unwillingly participate in best couple competition on Dadi’s suggestion.

If you have missed Friday’s episode, here a quick recap

Dadi sees Swuarna and Masi Dadi talking, she comes towards them. Dadi asks Masi Dadi to sleep as it is quite late. Masi Dadi leaves squeezing Swuarna’s hands for reassurance.

Dadi then confronts Swuarna,that Dadi masi will leave in some while but Swuarna will be here under Dadi. No matter what she plans she will not get Masi Dadi at her side.

Naira Scares Karthik

Naira makes noise like a mouse to scare Karthik, switching on the light she pretends that she has seen a mouse. Karthik gets scared and jumps on the bed. Naira again shouts and scared Karthik inches closes to her. Their contact is broken as the TV screen turns on, Kartik finds the remote under him and shut it down. Naira places the cushions between them and they go to sleep.

Dadi Masi triggers Dadi

Dadi masi asks Dadi if their is any trouble between her and Naira. The latter tries to convince her otherwise but Masi Dadi doesn’t believe. She decided to prove her and sees the best couple Ad, placed their strategically by Swuarna. Dadi, decides to ask the kid to participate in this competition.

Naira can’t find her ring that her father gifted anywhere in the room. Karthik enters the room, before she can tell him the kids come and informs that Dadi is calling.

Fearing something is wrong they rush to Dadi’s side. Dadi tells them she wants them to participate in best couple competition. She wants to show Masi Dadi that they are the best couple in town.

Karthik and Naira indirectly help each other

The duo is confused on what to wear for the competition. Naira tries a skirt and Karthik a Jacket and turns towards each other. Remembering they are not talking they turn back again, knowing the other one did not like the clothes.

Naira chose another skirt and turns around,he indirectly approves it. She spots a good jacket of his on the cupboard floor and hints him about it.

Shubham’s devious plans

Shubham plans to bring them together for his own selfish reasons. Their fight is taking away the attention from him, which he can’t tolerate. He thinks of both of them requires a scare to get them on track and thus print Divorce papers.

Adaa Khan’s Performance

The competition is at Krishna, Naksh’s restaurant. All the Singhania’s are present and Goenka’s arrive. Everyone greets Masi Dadi nicely and she praise them to Dadi.

Dadi think its good that even they are here, as she also has to prove them that everything is perfectly under her control.

Shubham has carried the divorce papers to the venue to give them to the couple at the right time. But he is not taking care of those papers. He puts them in his jacket’s front pocket and later removes the jacket and places it on the chair. Forgetting totally about them.

Adaa Khan perform and everybody appreciates her. She is also the host of the event and calls the participant couple to come an introduce themselves.


Adaa asks Karthik and Naira questions about each other but they anwer every question wrong. Everybody seems upset by this.