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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online: Kartik and Naira pretends to be happy for Dadi Masi

Will Suwarna succeed in her plan to make things work between Kartik and Naira

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 Feb 2018: Kartik and Naira pretend to be happy for the sake of Dadi Masi. It is later revealed that Suwarna has called Masi especially for this.

If you have missed yesterday’s episode, here a quick recap

Dadi is glad that Naira is back and they are pretending to be happy in front of Jiji. Naira is in kitchen when Kartik comes to help her. Dadi rolls back to avataar thinking, pretending good is ohk but why is Naira taking his help in kitchen.

Suwarna looks on hoping that the duo might patch up while they pretend. Dadi maasi arrives and the couple shows off in full force. Kartik praises her kachori while she feeds him a bite of it.

Dadi asks Kartik to come out of which, Jiji challenges her by saying even Naira is sweating in the kitchen. Jiji then points out to dadi to leave her orthodox thoughts behind. She tells the duo that husband and wife are equal and that their mutual understanding is more important. She slyly tells to hear follow everything their Dadi preaches but not this gender inequality.

Priyanka messages Naitik

Naitik looks pale and is eating something. He receives a message from Priyanka asking if he had a chance to talk to anybody. Kartik types back a no. She questions about his health, to which he replies not great as Naira and Kartik’s fight have him tensed. Naksh observes him typing feels a little uncomfortable but says nothing.

Masi Dadi gifts them a Gift

Everybody is in the room laughing about something. Masi Dadi gifts them a box saying one gift for both of them. A small dagger sits in the box, everyone gets shocked on seeing it.

Dadi exclaims that dagger is considered bad for gifting. Masi Dadi asks her to grow out of her old thought process and explains the reason for dagger. One dagger signifies that they will fight the world together. Also they can’t fight each other as their is only one dagger.

Shubham is frustrated

shubham is fried by all the attention that Kartik gets. Suwarna comes and give him the client files saying Kartik is busy, so he should handle it. Shubham happily takes the file.

Surekha and Dadi

Dadi is praying to God, so that tomorrow’s day can also proceed smoothly as today. She unhappily praises Naira for handling everything.

But Surekha questions about Kartik as Naira hasn’t had a word with him otherwise. Dadi, explains that she did not want this for them. She just wanted their relationship to be like everyone else’s, how it should be according to her.

Kartik and Naira locked in their room

Kartik is standing near the bathroom door when Naira enters. Kartik asks her can’t she knock, Naira exclaims can’t you lock. The duo engage in a small fight and both of them think they don’t need a dagger to fight, they are managing it perfectly.

Kartik is about to leave the room, when Naira suggests him to stay for precaution. As their hardship of the day will go in vain if Dadi Masi spots him somewhere else. Not understanding Kartik is about to leave when he finds the door locked from outside.

He pulls at the door and door knob breaks. He knocks thinking it must be Luv and Kush, but Suwarn is standing outside and behind her is Dadi Masi.

Dadi Masi and Suwarna

It is than revealed that Suwarns has called Masi for aid. She asks Masi to not to misunderstand Dadi as she doesn’t want bad for them but she doesn’t even understand what they want.

Masi explains her that she has been a stubborn women since ages. She doesn’t easily accepts new concept and that is what generation gap is between the kids and her. Dadi is wandering around the house to find Jiji.

Kartik and Naira fight for pillow and Blanket

Kartik tells Naira that now he has to listen to her snoring. He pulls out an extra bedding and prepares it for sleep. Teasing him Naira jumps on to the bed over all the pillows.

He tries to sleep without a pillow but couldn’t. Noticing that Naira is almost asleep he slowly pulls a pillow, she catches it. They play tug of war and Kartik satisfactorily wins it.

Kartik next tries to pull the blanket. Naira pulls it back saying she won’t allow him to act smart. He already took the pillow he will nit get the blanket. To tease him further Naira decided to enact snoring. Kartik pulls the pillow to his ears angrily. Naira decides to do something as she can’t see him in trouble for long.

Dadi sees Masi and Suwarna outside the room

Masi tells Suwarna that Kartik and Naira will fall for each other again before she leaves. She hugs Masi wishing this comes out to be true and spots Dadi standing nearby.

Both of them wonders how much has she seen and heard. Dadi accusingly looks at Suwarna.


Masi challenges Dadi by saying all doesn’t seem ohk between her and Naira. Dadi decides to do something to prove Jiji otherwise.

She asks Kartik and Naira to participate in the best couple contest that is happening tonight.