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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online: Naira leaves Goenka House

Kartik is upset with Naira for not trusting him enough to tell him everything directly.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Naira leaves Goenka House

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21 Feb 2018: Kartik misunderstands Naira again and blame her for aggravating the topic. Naira expects Dadi to finally speak up and decides to leave when she doesn’t.

If you have missed yesterday’s episode, here a quick recap

Naira leaves Goenka House

Karthik stops Naitik in the middle and put all the blame on Naira. He mentions that this time it is Naira’s fault as well as she has aggravated the topic herself.

Naira expects Dadi to finally speak up that she is not at fault. But Dadi doesn’t support her, hurt Naira decides to leave from there.

She rushes to the car and sit inside. Naitik apologises to her, that the discussion got out of hand. Naira assures him that it is neither his nor Kartik’s fault as he is himself under stress. She indirectly points that its Dadi’s fault and she should have owned her mistake, which she didn’t.

Before they could leave Naira spots Kartik coming out of the house. She steps out of the car and meet him. Kartik gives back her phone to Naira, saying that it was ringing since morning.

Kartik turns around and thinks she should stay if she loves him. Whereas Naira thinks its difficult for her to leave, but she has to leave.

Dadi vs. Suwarna

Naira runs up to her room while everybody is standing downstairs at the Singhania house. Naitik and Naksh also leaves in anger while everyone think she should have not come back. Distances increase misunderstandings.

Dadi is going towards Kartik’s room with some stuff to oust evil eye. Suwarna takes the stuff from her and tells that it is her evil eye that has hurted the couple. Her thoughts and interference has created the differences between them.

Dadi warns her about her tone and to whom she is talking to. Suwana challenges her that to save one true relationship she is ready to forgo hundreds of fake one. She adds she will do everything she can to save Kartik and Naira’s relationship. Suggesting Dadi to do the same before its too late.

Kartik is broken hearted

Suwarna tries to relax Kartik but he too hurt to calm down. She question his trust on Naira and suggests him to bring her back. Kartik exclaims that she left the house without thinking about him. He thought she loves him immensely, but she doesn’t trust him.

Naira has shared her feelings with everyone but him, which has hurted him immensely. His reaction is not because of his ego but his hurt. Before Suwarna could say anything, he starts sulking about the matter.

Dadi Gets a call from Jiji

Dadi gets a call from Jiji(her elder sister), from the USA and she gets tensed. It is later disclosed that Jiji is arriving tomorrow.

Dadi has always been jealous of her sister and has always tried to prove that she and her family is better than hers. She doesn’t want to lose face in front of Jiji. They have to call back Naira and pretend everything is perfect. Since, Kartik isn’t in a mind frame to talk to Naira as of yet, Dadi decided to.

Dadi meets Naira

Naira is trying to dance away her pain and anger, but she keeps seeing Kartik everywhere. She kneels on the bed and cries; wanting him to understand that she is not at fault this time.

The door is knocked and Naira getup to open it. Dadi is standing on her door with all the family members behind her. She tells Naira that she wants to talk to her. Naira flashbacks to when Dadi did not speak up in the morning but still let her in her room; closing the door.

Dadi asks Naira to return back home as her sister is coming from USA, and she would like to meet her. Naira questions her if this is all she has to say. To which Dadi smartly replies that she can’t speak between her and Kartik.

Naira is now more angry and suggests Dadi that it would have been so good if it was true that she does not interfere.


Dadi is worried that Jiji will ask about Naira and she wouldn’t have an answer. Meanwhile Jiji is shown eating Pani Puri but her face is not revealed fully. We hear Naira’s voice in the background calling her Masi Dadi