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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online: Kartik and Naira safely reaches their families but drunk

The highly inebriated duo (by just 250 ml of wine) don't remember what happened the day before.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Kartik and Naira safely reaches their families but drunk

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 Feb 2018: Kartik and Naira both are safe and in their respective homes but quite drunk. While Goenka’s completely misunderstands the situation, Naitik learns about what’s troubling Naira.

If you have missed yesterday’s episode, here a quick recap

Naira is safe from fire

Naksh and Naitik manages to save Naira from the fire just before the shed blasts. When they question Naira, they understand that she is not in her senses.

They enquire about Kartik and she mentions he is at home, which shocks them more. Worried about her they take her to Singhania house.

Everyone at the Singhania house is shocked to see Naira in such a state. Unaffected by their worries, Naira hugs everyone and wishes them a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Kartik arrives home

Akhilesh and Manish are about to leave to find Kartik and Naira, when a servant comes to inform them about a call. He mentions that somebody called to inform that Kartik is with them. Everyone gets shocked and run towards the door.

They see Kartik in drunken state. Manish enquires about him from the guys who are dropping him. They inform him that he was on the highway, fully drunk asking for a lift till Goenka house so they dropped him.

Manish asks Kartik where is Naira, he recalls Naira calling the shed her home and answers her home. Everyone mistook his words and think she is at Singhania house.


The Goenka’s believe that Naira is at her parents house and she left a drunken Kartik on his means. The Singhania’s think that Kartik left Naira at that abandon place in a drunken state alone.

Manish gets really angry on Naira and decides to talk to Naitik and him in the Morning. Naitik also decides to talk to Kartik about this irresponsibility in the morning.

Naira bables before sleeping

In her drunken state Naira blurts out the difference of opinion between her and Dadi. She mentions the ‘Joru Ka Ghulam,’ issue and how she is distancing her self from Kartik. The distance is affecting their relationship and their happiness.

Naitik’s anger shoots up on hearing this, he decides to talk to the Goenka’s about it and find a solution for the same asap.

The morning after

Naira wakes up and remembers nothing; neither does Kartik. She is worried about Kartik and he is worried about her. The respective members calms them down and asks them to get ready first.

Naira, Naitik and Naksh arrives at the Goenka house. Manish does not greet them well in anger. Naira greets everyone good morning but no one replies. She is worried about the events that conspired yesterday as everyone is quite silent.

Dadi tries to taunt Naira but Naitik steps in to protect her. Dadi explains her version of yesterday’s story to Kartik. She claims Naira picked a fight, left home and kartik went after. Manish informs then that some men dropped Katik home in an inebriated state. He exclaims something could have happened to him.

Naitik, asks what about Naira. Dadi again says tauntingly that Naira does everything on her own accord. Kartik eclaims, who would jump in fire on her own accord. Everyone including Naira is shocked to hear that.

He further explains that Naira wasn’t even aware of the danger and kept waiting for Kartik to return. They were coincidentally passing the place or who knows what could have happened to her.


Dadi starts blaming everything on Naira again. Naitik cuts her rant by telling that he knows what she has done. She has accused Naira of making Kartik Henpecked husband.

Kartik feels really bad that Naira told Naitik about it, while Naira is wondering how does he knows. Before Naitik could say anything more Kartik cuts in apologizing.  He tells Naitik that he cannot talk to Dadi in this tone.

Dadi gains confidence and smiles, Manish also feels proud that his son has taken their side.


Naira leaves the Goenka house with her father. Dadi looks worriedly at her phone as it her ‘Jiji,’ calling.

Naira is crying in her room, when Dadi comes and wants to talk to her.