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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online: Naira gets caught in fire at the shed

Kartik and Naira are so drunk that they don't realise the extent of fire surrounding them.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Naira gets caught in fire at the shed

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19 Feb 2018: hours after the Couple got drunk on Half Juice/Half Wine, they are still drunk and senseless. Must be some wine, Luv and Kush mixed in their drinks. 

If you have missed Friday’s episode, here a quick recap

Kartik and Naira

The Rain continues as Kartik and Naira are in the shelter. Kartik starts a bonfire and sees Naira outside on a Tire swing. song – ‘Dekho Na,’ starts playing while the couple romances and dances all over the shed.

Somehow the inhabitat Shed also has a brush with fresh red paint and the Duo paint their name on the Wall within a heart. The shed is caught on fire while the couple is lost in themselves.

Family members are tensed

Everybody at Goenka house is tensed as the couple is missing for a while and the weather is bad. Dadi even calls kirti to indirectly ask if she knows the couples whereabout.

Kirti knows nothing and asks Dadi if she can tell about the loss to the family. Dadi shouts at her and suggests her against it.

Shubham tries to convince Manish against the Kartik and Naira. He exclaims that everyone is tensed for them, while they did not even bother to inform them before leaving.

The Fire

The semi conscious couple (as they are so high on the wine they can’t realise the fire around them) are lying side by side in the pool of fire.

Naira falls into nostalgia as she reminisces that when she tries to make one happy the other person is hurt. Kartik suggests her to be normal and also keep her happiness in mind.

Naira blames him for breaking her gift and not even giving one t her. Kartik asks her to come home, as the gift is at home. Naira refuses to go home and tells him to bring the gift here.

High on God knows what the Duo observes the fire and can’t register its severity. Kartik leaves while Naira finds a cylinder and sits on it. She is enjoying herself as one would enjoy a big bonfire.

Kartik manages to fetch a lift from people whose looks like goons. As Kartik mentions his big house they signals each other conspiratorially. Observingly Kartik sits in their Jeep.

Naksh and Naitik

The Father son are driving back home when they come across a burning shed. They stop and asks the gathered audiences if they informed fire department.

The spectators inform that no one has lived in the shed from years. Naitik still feels they should check once for a sign of life in the shed. When they check, Naira is unseemingly sitting there surrounded by fire.

Naitik tries to enter the fire, but Naksh stops him and enter himself. He conveniently finds a ‘Shawl’ lying inside, covering Naira they move towards the exit when a fiery log falls just ahead of them.


Naira is safely out of the fire and the place blasts. Naitik ask him where is Kartik and she says he left her in the shed and went back home.

In Goenka house the servant informs the family that someone called to say that Kartik is in thies custody. Everyone is shocked to hear that.