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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online: Kartik and Naira remaries as Shiv and Parvati

Will the sequence of Shiv- Parvati Marriage, bring the drifting apart couple closer?

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online, Kartik and Naira remaries as Shiv and Parvati
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online, Kartik and Naira remaries as Shiv and Parvati

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 Feb 2018: on one side Kaira fans were in for a treat as the Duo was slated to marry again as Shiv Parvati. But on the flip side the differences between the couple is not clearing out.

If you have missed Friday’s episode, here a quick recap.

Dadi vs. Naira

After Kartik leaves after his rant, Dadi picks on Naira. She questions her why did she had to spoil festivities. On on side she has kept fast for him and on other hand spoils his mood.

On hearing this Naira could not control her anger. She defends Dadi’s accusations; by telling her that keeping Kartik happy doesn’t she forgo her thought process. She cites Shiv and Parvati’s example, they were a couple but did put forward their individual opinion.

All are shocked by this behaviour of both Kartik and Naira.

Kartik vs. Naira

Katik is flopped on to the bed, a furious Naira enters the room. She heads straight to him and starts shouting.

Kartik puts a pillow over his head, but she continues. Telling him that he should have given her a chance to explain. He might have done the same in her shoes.

Fed up listening to her rant, Kartik exclaims that he did not say who was wrong. In fact he doesn’t care about the issue altogether. The only thing that is affecting him is these daily fights. He can’t take handle them everyday, after a stressful day in office.

In his anger, he again questions her interventions everywhere.

“Sach aur sahi ka Jhanda leke har jagah khadi ho jati ho”

Naira is extremely hurt by this and claims that he doesn’t’ understand her at all. To which Kartik questions if she understands him.

Their fight is disturbed by Luv and Kush, who ask them to get dress for the Pooja.


Dadi and Surekha

Dadi is happy that finally her grandson has taken his side instead of his wife. Sureka is worried if this fight will affect the ceremonies of pooja, as a lot of guest will be present. Dadi suggests all will be fine as Naira’s family is also attending the function.

Surkha spots Priyanka all decked up. She (Super decked up herself), thinks aloud about it. They recall what they have heard her saying on the phone. Fearing about a scene in front of the guests, Surekha suggests Dadi to stop Priyanka from doing anything silly.

Before Dadi could talk to her, the Singhania’s arrive. A silent word passes between Naitik and Priyanka; which Dadi notices.

Kirti is Tensed and Guilty

Manish observes Kirti’s tension and ask about it. Before Kirti could tell him anything, Dadi interrupts and send them away.

Dadi then reprimands Kirti to keep a grip on herself. She shares her guilt about lying to the family. Scaring her that the Singhania’s or Naksh won’t be happy with her after knowing the about blunder. She suggest that she knows what’s best for her and Kirti should so as she says.

Naksh observes this conversation from far and feels a little odd about it.

Shiv Parvati Vivah

All the men joins Kartik/Shiv for “Baraat.” The procession is filled with all the fanfare and Kartik’s face is kept hidden through it. All the ladies standing for Kartik’s welcome feels emotional and takes Balaye. 

Naira enters with Kirti and Priyanka, her face also kept hidden. The Duo stands in the mandap, with a flower wall between them. Both of them are revealed as Shiv Parvati only then.

As they are still upset with each other the usual romantic smiles or gestures did not pass between them. The ladies explains the importance so this ritual and what it signifies.

The Garland – varmala slides down from a thread towards them. They both remember this ritual if their marriage. Both of them look sad and lost. Naitik who himself looks quite ill, notices this and ponder about it.

As the Rituals are performed they flashback to  their wedding ‘Phere’ and ‘Sindoor ritual.’ Everyone is engrossed in the rituals and the prayers. The duo have their monologue and flashbacks moments thinking about the fights they are having.

Naitik seems to have developed an unease and a headache, he tries to control it but to no avail. He slides out of their and Priyanka follows him.


Surekha tells everyone that the ‘Diya’s’ are to be kept in every room. As everyone enters the room a shocked expression covers their faces.

We see Priyanka hovering over Kartik, probably feeding him something for his illness.