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Tom Brady in news for something other than Super Bowl – strikes controversy for lip kissing son.

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Tom Brady caught up in controversy for lip kissing not once but twice and that too while getting a massage. Read more about the incident here.

Tom Brady in news for something other than Super Bowl.

Tom Brady the Super Bowl and Football star has been struck in a controversy for an incident that occurred on Sunday. Tom Brady is being parent shamed for lip kissing son for too long that too while he was half naked i.e. taking massage. A video clip has gone viral in which the football star is kissing his son John Edward Thomas Moynahan on his lips not once but twice.

Details about The incident.

The video is from a documentary called Tom vs Time. It is about the small talk with his eldest son titled the Social Game which was released on Jan 30. The video has gone viral and has been viewed more than 4.7 million times till 2nd Feb. The controversy is about the Tom Kissing his son half naked while having a massage that too on his lips.

What exactly happened was Jack peeped through the door where Tom was having a massage. He asked his dad to check his football standings. To this Tom asked him what would he get and Jack walked over to his dad and gave him a lip kiss and made his way back to the door. Tom immediately said that the kiss was like a peck to which Tom came back, leaned over his dad and gave him a longer kiss on his lips. Once it was over Jack wiped off his lips with his T-Shirt and made his way out of the room.

While some say that there is no problem for parent kissing his child on lips while others hate it saying it was too long and that too half naked is disturbing.

Twitter didn’t take long to share their views on that incident.

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