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‘Teen Mom’ Catelynn Lowell admits, she wanted to kill herself in the upcoming episode

The cat will be finally out of the box. The viewers will now view what poor Catelynn went through,


‘Teen Mom’ Catelynn Lowell: Thinks are look gloomier for the fans of Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra fans. The preview of the upcoming 26 February episode reveal some heartbreaking truths.

As earlier preview has the couple crying and Tyler admitting that Catelynn had a miscarriage. While this was heart breaking to witness another preview has just surfaced that has Catelynn Lowell admitting her suicidal thoughts.

Teen Mom’ Catelynn Lowell admits, she wanted to kill herself

In a recent released preview for the episode that will be telecasted on 26 february. Tyler Baltierra is driving Cate to the airport. She is talking to his mom Kim on the phone. When the she questions her about the treatment a teary eyed Catelynn replied:

 “I contemplated every single way that I could kill myself today,” 

The Mother-in-law, recovers from the shock quicky and reassures Catelynn that her decision is for good.

“You’re a great mother and a great wife. We’re going to be praying for you every day,” Kim also added You got this” for encouraging her decision.

Catelynn claims that will attend 30 days of her treatment, but as we know she left it in midway. She took to her Twitter account on November 17 to share the sad news with her fans.

“Well today I thought of every way to kill myself.. so I’m going to treatment.”

She even took her three-year-old daughter Novalee‘s stuffed pony to the treatment centre.

She went back after she left the treatment only to return back again in mid treatment. Catelynn is currently completing her treatment in an Arizona treatment facility after checking back in for a third time in mid-January.

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Husband Tyler has been by her side all this while. He extended his support by tweeting how immensely proud husband he is.

On Feb. 16, he posted a photo alongside her during the family week program at treatment centre.

Undoubtedly, the episode will be a heart wrenching one for the fans of Tyler and Catelynn.