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Team Big Brother wins the million Dollar in ‘The Amazing Race’.

Winner of The Amazing Race
Winner of The Amazing Race

Only four teams are left for ‘The Amazing Race’ and one of them will be in the million dollar club. Yes the prize money is $ 1 Million. Here is the quick recap of the finale.

The four finalist of ‘The Amazing Race’.

Jessica and Cody (Team Big Brother), Henry and Evan (Team Yale), Jen and Kristi (Team Extreme) and Alex and Conor (Indy Car) are the four finalists from the 30 strong teams of The Amazing Race. The final four teams along with the team of the Amazing Race flew from Thailand to Hongkong for the Finale.

The tasks in the Finale.

At the first stop Team Yale had to complete a speed bump as a punishment to finish last in the previous week. The speed bump was to light and hang 40 Chinese lanterns. Indy Car gets the first clue, then Team Big Brother followed by Team Extreme. Team Yale was still finishing their punishment challenge.

The teams had to collect an order at a restaurant after which they get the next clue or as a detour could collect 50 live crabs in correct fashion. All the 3 teams chose to collect the crabs. Collecting the crabs was such a task that team IndyCar gave up the Detour and decided to go for the restaurant challenge. They reached the restaurant the same time Team Yale also reached the restaurant. Team Yale finishes at the first position at the detour.

In the Next stage of the race the teams had to look for specific signs on a busy road. Henry and Evan end first, Kristi and Jen second and Alex and Conor come up last as they and get eliminated before the the final race.

Winner of The Amazing Race
Winner of The Amazing Race

The teams are back to San Francisco for the final leg. Here they had to Kayak through the waters to search for 3 baseballs which would represent the total homeruns of Willie Mays (660). Kristi and Jen play smart and ask a pedestrian for what the number is while the other 2 teams search blindly and finally took help.

The races were really close and it could be anybody’s game. Jessica’s plane clears for take off and She and Cody finally win the race. Henry and Evan finish second and Kristi and Jen 3rd. So it was Team Big Brother who finally won The Million Dollar prize money in The Amazing Race.