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Surya Grahan 2018 Date and Time in India, Solar Eclipse 2018 Today in India Date and Timings: When will be Solar Eclipse Visible on 15th Feb 2018 and its Impact

Surya Grahan 2018
Surya Grahan 2018

A Partial Solar Eclipse occurs when moon obstructs the Sun’s disc only partially and thereby creating a penumbra on Earth.

Delightful Good times for sky watchers.

Those who are sky watchers and love to observe the vivid faces of the sky, There is good news for them. A second eclipse will be witnessed within a time span of 2 weeks. On 31st January a full lunar eclipse which was a ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ was visible. Just 2 Weeks later, tomorrow on 15th February 2018 a partial solar eclipse i.e. Anshik Solar Eclipse will be visible. In a total solar eclipse the moon moves in between the sun and the earth in such a way that the sun’s rays cannot reach the earth. However in partial solar eclipse only a part of sun will be obstructed by the moon and it will cast only a penumbra on the earth.

Where will the Partial Solar Eclipse be visible?

As unfortunate as it may sound, the partial solar eclipse will be visible in Southern South America, including Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and in Argentina. It will also be visible from some locations at the Pacific Ocean.

So how will Indians be able to watch the Partial Solar Eclipse?

The Partial Solar Eclipse won’t be visible from any Part of India. However the beautiful view can be enjoyed online from the live streaming by NASA. NASA will showcase this spectacular view on their website, Periscope @NASA as well as on the YouTube.

Timing of the Partial Solar Eclipse?

According to The Universal Time Coordinator UTC, the Partial Solar Eclipse will begin at 18:55. It will reach its maximum at 20:51 and will end at 22:47.

According to the IST the Solar Eclipse will begin on 16th February at 00:25 hours. It will reach its maximum at 2:21 am and end at 4:17 am.

Should one see Solar Eclipse through naked eye?

As per the research and reports by NASA it is dangerous and damaging to watch Solar Eclipse through Naked Eye. Special Solar Eclipse glasses should be used to watch the solar Eclipse.

Next Solar Eclipse in the year 2018.

No Full solar Eclipse is going to occur this year. However Partial Solar Eclipse will occur on 18th July 2018 and 11th August 2018. However even these partial Solar Eclipse won’t be visible from India. On July 18th The Partial Solar Eclipse will be visible from Australia and Antarctica while that on 11th August it will be visible from North Pole, Northern Europe, and some parts of Northern and Eastern Asia.

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