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Rising Star 2, 24 Feb 2018 LIVE Update – Are you Voting for your favourite contestants. learn How to vote on Voot.

Rising Star Season 2
Rising Star Season 2

Rising Star 2, 24 Feb 2018 LIVE: A unique reality show has raving great reviews from the audiences. Unlike any other show the love is shown live through Votes. India only Live reality show is now on the next level as the top 16 has been Selected.

Favorite 16

India has chooses its favorite 16 on the live reality show. Now the contestant will face each others but in Duets Ki Takkar.

Basically the selected 16 are teamed up in duets. The duets will perform one by one and those who get the lowest scores will be in danger.

The duet with the lowest votes will leave the show

How to vote

To vote your favorite contestants download the Voot app. Log in to the Voot app and check in for the contestant that will be performing live. Swipe Right to in affirmation and Left if you did not like the singing.

Duets Ki Takkar

First Duet – Mamta Raut and Afreen Group

The first duet might have had trouble settling in, but they did win the hearts of the public.

Votes – 89%, Judges – All swiped Right

Second Duet – Rohanpreet and Vishnumaya

Target – 89%

North meets south, Rohanpreet even dons a Lungi. At the very last moment the duet is safe with 90% votes.

Votes – 90%, Judges – All swiped Right

Third Duet – Jaya Piyush and Shashank Shekhar

Target – 89%

They wanted to win for their families, one to justify their support and other to support them for a better future.

Votes – 88%, Judges – All swiped Right

Jaya Piyush and Shashank Shekhar misses it with just 2%. Mamta Raut and Afreen Group are now safe from elimination.

Fourth Duet – Dr. Sudip Ranjan and Harmony Chorus

Target – 88%

The nineteen contestant will become a team of 20 and perform beautifully on the songs Jai Ho and Roobaroo.

Votes – 86%, Judges – All swiped Right

Unfortunately they could not raise the wall and have to sit on the red sofa.

Fifth Duet – Zaid and Hoshiyar Brijwasi

Target – 86%

They might be young but their voice and singing is not at small. Both of them Proved this by winning highest vote of the episode uptill now.

Votes – 91%, Judges – All swiped Right

Sixth Duet – Hemant Brijwasi and Akhtar Brothers

Target – 86%

Two of the strongest contenders from Indian’s favourite 16, have come together to perform in the Duets round. It comes as no surprise that they created a tsunami and earned Tutari for the experts.

Votes – 94%, Judges – All swiped Right

Seventh Duet – Rhythm and Aalankar

Target – 86%

Rhythm is scared to perform with Aalankar as he did not perform well last time. It seems their nervousness took the better of the duo.

Votes – 54%, Judges – All swiped left

Eighth Duet – Amaan and Sagar

Target – 54%

Both of them did not perform well last time. They did not perform too well today as well, but managed it by the end.

Votes – 88 %, Judges – All swiped left

Rhythm and Aalankar could not make it to Top 14 and have to leave the stage of Rising Star. Tune in next week for more amazing performances and to select your favorite 12.  

Who is your Favorite of them all.