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Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar want to release 2.0 on Diwali, Aamir Khan Decline to shift.

2.0 bollywood upcoming movie release date

We told you that Lyca Productions decided to postpone 2.0 releases on April 27. After assured by Rajinikanth that Kaala Karikaalan would release on April 27. Shankar is now working day and night to complete the final editing of the movie. But the makers still worried about the new release date. According to the recent reports the makers were planning to release 2.0 on Independence Day or Diwali. But we also told you that the makers have decided to release 2.0 during Diwali 2018.

2.0 bollywood upcoming movie release date

Lyca does not want to release 2.0 with Aamir Khan’s ‘Thugs of Hindostan’. They feel both the films will not be able to hit. So they have tried to talk with the super star. But Aamir Khan does not want to skip his film release date.

A close source told that:

“The makers want to release 2.0 during Diwali, so they tried to discuss things with Aamir Khan as his movie – Thugs of Hindostan is scheduled to release on the same day. However, Aamir said a resounding no when they first approached him. The actor feels Diwali is the perfect time to release Thugs and hence, he is holding on to the date.”

While the discussion is hold up for some weeks, looks like the discussion have resumed once again after Rajinikanth involvement. The source added that:

“After Rajinikanth made a call, the talks have resumed and both Lyca and Aamir along with Yash Raj Films are figuring if something can be done.”

2.0 bollywood upcoming movie release date

Aamir Khan Discussion

If you remember that Aamir has also talked with Rajinikanth to leave the Diwali slot for his film ‘Secret Super Star’. He requested him to give permission to release his movie and Rajinikanth agreed with this. Let see what will happen, does Aamir Khan postpone his release of ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ for ‘2.0’.