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Paris Jackson’s first ever fashion gig for the new CK.

Paris Jackson features in Calvin Klein campaign

Paris Jackson appears in her first ever major fashion gig besides the super model Millie Bobby Brown for none other than the new CK #My Calvins campaign. Read further for details.

About the campaign.

Congrats to Paris Jackson for her first ever huge fashion campaign. Paris Jackson appeared in a Calvin Klein Bra and Blue Jeans alongside Millie Bobby Brown and Lulu Tenney in the #My Calvin’s campaign.

Paris Jackson features in Calvin Klein campaign

Rumours about Paris Jackson branding CK had already started to spread since May 2017 when Paris was spotted in Calvin Klein in the much publicised Met Gala. About Calvin Klein Paris said:

“Calvin Klein is inclusive and whatever divisions we create as humans, I feel like they overlook that and speak to everyone. That’s American to me, and it’s beautiful.”

Millie Bobby Brown on Calvin Klein.

Millie Bobby Brown is a British. However the Calvin Klein is an American Brand. About Millie’s association with CK she says:

“We shot this campaign in a barn and I think the setting completely embodies America and so does the fashion. I’m English, and I’ve always looked up to the American style. Calvin Klein is Americana to me. [Chief creative officer Raf Simons] has reincarnated Calvin Klein in a way that has made it modern and also takes it back to its roots.”

Millie also says that being associated with the Calvin Klein brand is like carrying forward a legacy. She feels proud to be associated with CK and says that it will be one of the most memorable things she has ever done. She will still remind of this and flatter even at the age of 91 looking back herself at 13. For her Calvin Klein is very feminine and something that she wears every single day.

Previously in January all the Kardashian sisters were featured in a Calvin Klein family campaign along with pregnant Kylie with her bump hidden under the blanket.

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