Padman Movie Audience Review India accepts its new Khiladi Superhero and his Message Cheerfully.
Padman Movie Audience Review India accepts its new Khiladi Superhero and his Message Cheerfully.

Padman Movie Audience Review: Looking at the audiences reviews from the premiere shows, the content driven film is up for a good word of mouth.  The Akshay Kumar, Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor has especially earns cookie points from female genders. And off course a big chunk of appreciation cake will go to the director R.Balki for addressing a very sensitive issue of our society.

The R Balki directorial certainly has his sensibility on the platter. His art of decorating a sensitive issue and still keeping it light is commendable. Most importantly the film gives you points to ponder about but doesn’t give you a hangover.

Here’s the review of Akshay Kumar’s Padman from his peers

Padman Movie Audience Review

The audiences are exiting the theaters with a smile, which in itself is a great Omen. Akshay Kumar’s character Laxshmikant Chauhan instantly attracts you with his innocence, intelligent and caring husband.

The chemistry between Kumar and Radhika Apte, who portrays his wife Gayatri is charmingly adolescent.  The duo surely transfers you to a rustic, domestic environment.

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The disclaimer did mentions that fictions situations are used to enhance the movie. But still it manages to make audiences fall in love with Arunachalam Muruganantham, the inspiration for the movie. Muruganantham took to twitter and thanked the producer Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar for their persistence and good work.

A topic that would have majority of Public shy away or irked about, is now conversed around. Hands down Akshay Kumar and R. Balki did manage to keep the humor alive.

The lead protagonists’ obsession with the topic would have been exasperating, but Kumar manages to keep to it light.  Although the team tried to keep it a family entertainer, but due to inhibitions on the topic it might not be seen as one.


The film box office collection will majorly depend on Word of Mouth as it does for such films. Looking at the graph of reaction and the smiles coming out of the theatres, we believe the film shall achieve good numbers.