Oprah Winfrey Shuts down Stedman
Oprah Winfrey Shuts down Stedman

Oprah Winfrey made it loud and clear on Jimmy Kimmel Live night show that she is not running for the Presidency in 2020. Yes President Donald Trump doesn’t need to be afraid of Oprah. Check here the details.

Where did the rumours start from?

Stedman Graham, the longtime partner of the media Mogul Oprah Winfrey is no longer allowed to speak on behalf of the superstar. The mighty O stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on 22nd February blaming Stedman for starting the rampant rumour of Oprah considering to run for Presidency. Oprah revealed that after her Inspiring speech at the Golden Globes 2018, a reporter had asked Stedman if Oprah would consider running for the Nation’s highest Office to which he replied Oprah would:

“do whatever the people want.”

This got him in the hot water to which the icon replied:

“Why are you even talking Stedman!”

hillariously pretending as if Stedman is standing right there in front of her. The business man and educator was so embarrassed that he kept on apologising to Oprah for the confusion created saying he would infact never go to the Globes again. According to Oprah, Stedman actually misunderstood the reporter’s question as to whether Oprah would make a good president and he said so to support her beautiful lady. Otherwise he would never say Oprah should run.

Why not for a brief moment of time but we were hopeful that we might get someone sensible for the Nations rescue in 2020. But Oprah has made it loud and clear by looking directly into the camera to say:

“I am definitely not running for president.”

On her response to current President Donald Trupm calling her ‘Insecure’.

Jimmy asked Oprah if she ever felt the need to take the bait as a response to current Preident Trump as she is one of the most powerful and confident people on the world. To this Oprah’s joked:

“I’m trying to think about it, have I ever? I’m trying to think when that would be?”

And then added that there was zero possibility that she was going to respond.

“Not a second. You don’t win by meeting any kind of negativity head on,”

So sorry Trump you will never succeed in igniting Oprah.