Julie Bowen and Scott Phillips parting ways and ending 13 years of marriage

Modern Family’s Star Julie Bowen and her husband of 13 years Scott Phillips, a real estate investor are reportedly going to part ways. Bowen and Phillips and got married in 2004 and have three kids together: Oliver, 10; and twins John and Gustav, both are eight.

A few months back Julie spoke about their relationship and said :

“Butting heads is part of life. I mean … I’ve spent a lot of time in excellent therapy and butting heads is part of life. Being perfect is not a good model for your children, they need to see that there’s tension or arguments, they need to see those get resolved, they need to see real life– not too much of real life. I’m pretty shy about the news with them, but I think real life has lots of… we’re not perfect people, but we can all love each other.”

Julie Bowen and Scott Phillips parting ways and ending 13 years of marriage

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Julie is an Emmy winner, who, during an interview in November once jokingly mentioned that the couple was “too tired” to get divorced. She also briefed on how she balances her personal and professional life and stated

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She further said: “Because I’m like thriving kids … I don’t mean happy, but I mean thriving, creative, interested… somebody’s bleeding once a day, somebody’s hit somebody else once a day, I mean that thriving activity and that love is the hub of my life right now. I’m sure that that’s true for Scott as well, but you’d have to ask him.”

Last seen together in 2017

There has been a buzz for quite a while now about the duo’s relationship to be ending largely because they had not been seen together in public for quite some time.

The couple was last seen last year in February 2017 with their children at a Harlem Globetrotters game in Los Angeles and prior to that in September 2016 when they walked the red carpet together.

Julie Bowen and Scott Phillips parting ways and ending 13 years of marriage

Bowen who starred in Modern Family since 2009 as Claire Dunphy, has earned two Emmy Awards for the role.

We wish both her and Phillips good luck as they head into their futures.

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