Kumkum Bhagya 8 Feb 2018 Full Episode
Kumkum Bhagya 8 Feb 2018 Full Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 8 Feb 2018: Kumkum Bhagya Another laid back episode that promises a chilling twist towards the end. The episode mainly concentrates on Purab and Disha outing. Their small romantic moments and Sangram’s spotting them.

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Pragya is quite happy after pushing/sending Disha and Purab out on a romantic together. The Duo agrees that a little time out is good idea for them. Purab suggests playing radio and a cheesy song is playing “Dhak Dhak.”

Embarrassed, Purab shuffles the channel to yet another cheesy song ‘Sarkayi lio khatiya’. The duo decides to change the channel at similar moment. While doing so their fingers touch and the song switches to a romantic one. An age old trick comes really handy for the couple falling in love.

Psychopathic Alia

Meanwhile Mitali pays a visit to a psychopathic Alia. Why psychopathic? Well what else would you call her behavior of continuously hitting a book with knife?

In fact, Alia places the knife on Tanu’s neck threatening her. After Tanu the knife’s direction wad diverted towards Mitali.

A scared Mitali, doesn’t misses the chance of aggravating Alia. She tattletales, about Pragya’s plans of sending Disha and Purab on a date. Angrier than ever Alia kicks Mitali out of the room while Tanu is busy quenching her hunger.

No prizes for guessing that Alia has turned Psychopathic as she feels insulted by Pragya. She is trying to plot revenge against her. Hitting the book with her knife again; we wonder how the book is surviving till now.

Disha and Purab

Disha suggests they should buy something for Pragya and Purab agrees. He plans to take her to the biggest mall of Bombay (somehow they couldn’t name it). While Disha feels she wants buy what she likes not something from a big mall.

She spots a Roadside market and asks Purab to reverse the car.  How did he manage to take reverse in pretty busy roadside market is a question left unanswered. The duo has a sweet fight about the mall and roadside. How could Disha leave the biggest mall of Bombay and prefer street shopping.

The fight ends with Purab agreeing to Disha’s demand. A semi romantic conversation follows where they ask each other not to change. Surprisingly, no one disturbs or honks at them all this while they are on the middle of the road.


Sangram is co-indecently in the same market. He is busy pressuring a fake Haryanvi accent guy, to pay his dues.  Lucky for the poor guy, Sangram spots Disha and leave him be to follow the couple.

The goon goes into a flashback of his beating from Abhi and reaffirms his will of revenge. He claims that Abhi will now realize what is ‘Sangram ka Kohram.’

Abhi and Pragya

Abhi calls for Purab and Pragya answers. Pragya explains Abhi that she is substitute of Purab for today as she has sent him out with Disha. Abhi still wants to continue ignoring Pragya to entice her towards him.

Pragya suggests if Abhi doesn’t want to talk to her, pretend like he is talking to Purab and explain the work. The cutest moment of the episode arrives when Abhi pretend that Pragya is Purab and puts his hand on her shoulders, even slaps her back swiftly.

Shopping Frenzy

Disha is on a roll while shopping. Purab notices that she has taken things for members of Mehra Family and not herself. He thanks her for accepting the family and that it is because of her that he feels more closer to the family.

Sangram is trying to spot them in market and calls his goon Bhali for assistance. A romantic moment passes between the couple when Purab is buying similar kurta for him and Abhi. He confesses that he needs to ask for pardon from Shiv ji. Disha questions his fault, Purab suggests that this year he is excited for Valentine’s Day more than Shivratri.

In the most clichéd manner, the couple bangs their heads. Taking the moment to do some PDA in the market the duo lock heads.


Purab is hit by a truck while Disha is on the sideline shouting his name. Pragya calls Purab on speaker phone, only to hear someone else answering the phone. The other guy mentions he found the phone lying on the ground.

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