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Kumkum Bhagya 28 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Update: Sangram enters the house as the cook

Simonika has won the trust of the family members by getting the culprit of kitchen fire arrested.

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 28 Feb 2018: Simonika has successfully fooled everyone into believing that she is a sincere worker. Sangram enters the house by pretending to be a South Indian cook.

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Simonika tells everyone that she has called the police. She cooks up a story of catching the cook red handed with the knife. Disha confirms that, the knife is the one with which the gas pipe was cut. The cook exclaims that he was just cleaning the kitchen and found the knife on the floor.

The police silences him and takes him to the police station. Purab goes along with them to file the FIR.

Simonika fools Disha and Pragya

Disha and Pragya are making some sandwiches. Simonika comes there are cooks up another story how she believes this house as her own.
Disha and Pragya falls for her story and praises her. They praise her for catching the culprit. Simonika tells them that she knows a well trusted agency that provides cooks and servants. Pragya tells to bring a punjabi cuisine cook tomorrow. She is elated about this as now two people will shadow the home and plan to destroy it.

Abhi and Pragya

Abhi throws clothes everywhere in the room, saying this would tease Pragya. He hides when Pragya enters the room. She looks at the mess in shock and call for him.
Abhi stays hiden not replying. pragya initially starts assembling the clothes but than she spots Abhi. Understanding the whole plan she also starts throwing the clothes back at floor.
She intentionally speaks loudly, that why should she take care of his stuff when he doesn’t. Abhi comes out of hiding and confronts her.
Abhi tells Pragya that this is unfair that she understands everything that she thinks. He brings her closer to him and was about to kiss her when Disha comes.
All three gets awkward, Disha tells Pragya that the cook is here. She leaves and Abhi again tries to kiss Pragya but she leaves.

Purab thinks the cook is innocent

Sitting at the police station Purab feels that the cook is Innocent. The cook is crying and says Purab that he has just returned from his village.He has two small kids and sole bread owner. Purab feels they might have caught the wrong guy.

Disha Interviews Sangram

Disha doen not recognises Sangram in his South Indian avatar. Skeptical about him she asks Simonika about him. She says, only he is available in such less time.

Disha wants to ask him some questions, so Simonika tells her that he understands Hindi but can’t really speak it. Disha asks him a few questions and Sangram answers in a fake voice and accent.

Purab comes from behind and indicated Simonika and Sangram to not to tell Disha about his presence.


Purab tells Abhi and Pragya that they should give the cook a chance to prove his innocence. Sangram tell Simonika that he will first help her kill Abhi and then think about Disha.