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Kumkum Bhagya 27 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Update: Abhi has guessed Pragya’s truth

Abhi and Pragya are coming closer than ever, but Simonika and Sangram has different plans for them.

Kumkum Bhagya 20 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Episode Abhi and Pragya manages to get drunk while sitting in a fire pit

Kumkum Bhagya 27 Feb 2018: Abhi is in a great mood, probably because he is sure that Pragya is his Fuggi. Simonika blames an innocent for the fire and Sangram dresses as South Indian.

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At the Temple

Abhi teases pragya while the ‘havan,’ and Pragya pinches Abhi hard making him shout loudly. Everyone questions Abhi about it and he gives some random excuses. He suggests the priest if he can marry again and Pragya objects.

Purab joins in and Disha also objects. Disha and Puragya thinks the guys must have had ‘bhang’. Aaliya gets angry about it and Tanu asks her to cool down.

Simonika and Sangram

Sangram and his goons are sitting like primary school kids on the floor. Simonika offers him a deal again and he unwillingly accepts. When she offers him his gun back he tries to turn on her. She manages to disarm him again and tells him to do as she say.

Abhi puts Sindoor

Abhi and Purab are still adamant on getting married again. To settle them down Dadi suggests the priest to give them some ‘sindoor,’ (vermilion). The boys puts the vermilion in their wives ‘Mang’, hair parting. Both Tanu and Aaliya leaves as they can bear no more.

Sangram dresses as South Indian Guy

Sangram has a make over, he is seeing himself in the mirror getting irritated. Simonika tells him she has a plan and he has to follow it to the T, to kill Abhi. Bali comes in and tells him that police has arrived outside the house. They mistrust Simonika, but she tells them that the police is here to catch an innocent for her crimes. Sangram and Bali thinks that she is too smart.

Abhi tells Pragya he know her true identity

Abhi and Pragya are going back in the car when she asks the driver to put on some soothing music. Abhi remembers that his foogi also like soothing music and hated hard rock. He plays hard rock in the car and Pragya fights with him and says similar dialogues as Abhi had remembered.

Abhi tells her, that she matches her fuggi on every aspect. Also, he wouldn’t have filled the ‘Sindoor’ in anyone else’s ‘maang.’ He tells her that he knows that she is his fuggi, but he wants to hear it from her. He inches closer to Pragya to kiss, but suddenly the car stopped. They see police vans outside the house and rush inside.

Police arrests an innocent

Police is in the house accusing the cook of the kitchen fire. Pragya and Disha try to protect the guy saying that he wasn’t at home while the fire occurred. The policemen still accuses him.


Simonika tells Pragya that she knows a servant agency, she can call the cook. Sangram is talking to himself about destroying the family.