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Kumkum Bhagya 23 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Episode: Pragya suspects someone is trying to kill her

Everyone is informed that the fire was intentional

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 23 Feb 2018 Full Episode: Abhi and Pragya are out of the immediate danger but the problem is not solved. Someone tried to kill them and that person needs to be found.

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Disha informs Pragya that their are indentations on the pipe, which means that somebody intentionally tried to start the fire. Dadi points out that somebody is after Abhi, as earlier it was the guitar now this incident.

Abhi makes light of the situation and diverts everyone attention. Pragya thinks, it was her that somebody wanted to hurt as she is the only one in the kitchen since morning. She needs to catch the culprit before they plan anything else. Simonika gets worried about the whole situation.

Sangram imagines Disha

Sangram is drinking away and flash backs to Abhi beating him. he imagines Disha laughing at him and shouts her name.

His goons surrounds him calming him down. One of them shows him a wanted poster with his photo. Informing him that the government has announced 50 lakh rupees prize money on him.

Disha questions Pragya

Workers are working in the kitchen assembling and arranging things. Pragya is getting microwave fixed, disha comes in ask her about the fire.

She questions if Pragya suspects someone. Simonika eavesdrops the conversation and gets tensed. Pragya leaves to serve the Tea to Abhi.

One the worker come to Disha and show her the pipe that has been cut and the knife that was kept beside the pipe. Disha checks the knife and realises that it is from their home itself. Simonik scolds herself for being so stupid and leaving the knife near the pipe.

Sangram gets caught by Public

Sangram has covered his face with a cloth and roam around with his goons. He asks them to steal a car so they can go to Juhu and find Abhi’s home.

Balli and one other person gets caught while stealing the car. Sangram tries to save them from the beating, accidently showing his face to everyone.

People recognize him, catch him and all his goons and call the Police.

Abhi and Purab

Purab wants to talk to Abhi, but he is just trying to make a joke of the situation. On Purab’s prompting Abhi tells him that he doesn’t want everyone to worry thus he is acting of taking things lightly.

Purab praises him and hugs him. Pragya enters with tea and they change the topic of conversation. She suspects both the guys are hiding something from them and goes all James Bond on them.  Purab slyly leaves the two.

Sangram escapes

Sangram has a gun but still wait till the police arrives to escaper. When he sees the police van approaching he fires the gun and they all run in different directions.


Sangram threatens to kill a small girl on the road, so police let him go. But they caught hold of one of his team member.

Abhi and Pragya

Pragya pretends to be busy with something while Abhi thinks of a plan to convince her. Pragya sees the earrings she found in the store room before the fire and was about to tell him but remembered she is giving him silent treatment.

Realising she will only talk when angry Abhi pokes her about not being able to make tea. Pragya understands his plan and quarrel with him lovingly.

Sangram catches a Tempo to Juhu

Sangram is angrier now as one of his goon is arrested. He plans to reach Abhi’s house in Juhu and kill everybody except Disha. While the goons figure out a way to reach Juhu, they hear a tempo driver ask directions for the place.

Without the realisation of the tempo driver they board the tempo and leave for Juhu.

Abhi wants a third kiss from Pragya

Abhi encloses her in his arms and ask for a third kiss. Pragya shyly try to excuse herself, but Abhi tells her that now she can’t make excuse about kitchen.

He grips her tighter and ask for a kiss, but Pragya spots a shadow outside the door. She make an excuse to Abhi and opens the door.

Tanu is standing near the pillar busy on her phone. Pragya suspects she was eavesdropping ask her about it in sign language.