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Kumkum Bhagya 22 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Episode: Abhi and Pragya escapes the Fire unharmed

After fooling around in the fire the couple is saved from it.

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 22 Feb 2018 Full Episode: To everyone’s relief Abhi and Pragya are out of Danger. Simonika isn’t happy about the outcome. The fire brigade finally arrives and tells Purab that the fire was caused due to an intentional cut in the Gas pipe.

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Purab finds Abhi and Pragya

While sitting in the cupboard Abhi wants Pragya to admit her real identity. She postpones it to on the next Valentine’s Day.

Purab finds them unconscious in the cupboard. Along with Raj and Disha he manages to Pull out the couple from the fire.

Tayaji points out that they are conscious due to the smoke filled in their lungs. (So, finally without a cough for a proof the couple got fumes and smokes in their Lungs.)

Everyone attempt to wake them, while Simonika prays the opposite. Abhi wakes up, shocking her and questions about Pragya. Now Tanu hopes that Pragya is gone for good.

Pragya gains consciousness

Abhi asks a worried Dadi to keep his and Pragya head in her lap. Pragya slowly gains consciousness and is startled after seeing Abhi so close.

The couple forgets about the rest of the family members in their happiness of seeing each other safe. Abhi might have even kissed her in front of everyone is Dadi hadn’t warned him.

Simonika is furious as her planned to kill either one or both of them failed terribly.

Fire Brigade Finally

The fire brigade finally arrives as late as Bollywood has the Police arriving. After settling the things in kitchen they inform purab that the fire occurred due to a cut in the gas pipe. The cut seems big enough to be intentional.

Purab gets worried and shares the news with Disha and than Abhi.


Disha informs Pragya that the fire wasn’t an accident but an attempt to harm her. Simonika is worried upon hearing this.