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Kumkum Bhagya 20 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Episode: Abhi and Pragya manages to get drunk while sitting in a fire pit

Kumkum Bhagya 20 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Episode Abhi and Pragya manages to get drunk while sitting in a fire pit

Kumkum Bhagya 20 Feb 2018 Full Episode: The makers are hell bent on proving that their audiences doesn’t have common sense. Mildest of kitchen cylinder blasts have claimed lives and here Abhi and Pragya are getting drunk while sitting in the fire.

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Aaliya blames Pragya for the fire

Pragya tries to enter the fire to save Abhi, but Purab stop her. The fire increases when Purab tries to go in.

The creative head of this fire, Simonika is ecstatic about the whole scenario. After all her failed attempt Abhi will finally die in a petty kitchen fire.

Aaliya starts blaming Pragya for the fire as she is the one who gave the servants a holiday. (Pragya just gave the Kitchen Servants a holiday, where did the rest of them go. No one showed up on hearing the ruckus.)

Instead of reacting on Aaliya’s allegation Pragya leaves. Aggregating her anger even more, she starts a non stop rant against Pragya and ends up in a verbal fight with Purab. He leaves to call for fire brigade again.

Pragya enters the Fire

Pragya brings a Blanket and enters the fire despite the protest of Dadi, Dasi and Disha.

She is looking around for Abhi. He is hiding inside a cupboard and thinks Pragya is a Ghost. Scared from her he starts moving away from her.

Pragya reveals herself and the Duo hugs. In the middle of a Fire, the couple is lost into each other with background music to continue. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU FORGET A BLAZING FIRE THAT SURROUNDS YOU.

Purab tries to enter as well

Purab returns from the call and learns that Pragya ran inside. Angry on everybody he also tries to enter but Dadi blackmails him into staying. As she won’t be able to see another kid of hers inside the fire.

Aaliya snapes at Tanu

Tanu mentions that Pragya always wants to earn credit. Aaliya snapes at her saying that at least she is trying to save Abhi. She blames Tanu for just loving Abhi’s money and the luxury that comes with it. Tanu reverts back by saying even she is standing here doing nothing.

Abhi and Pragya

Instead of planning or trying to escape the duo is cooly sitting at the counter bickering with each other. The fire around them is at least real on the screen, shouldn’t the duo be choking on the fumes?? or at least has some sud on their faces??

Abhi spots a wine bottle and grabs it. (we shouldn’t be surprised given the makers IQ that the bottle survived the high pressure environment) He suggests to drink it as if it spills around them it will accelerate the fire. (my God, finally some intelligence. YAY!!!)

Abhi and Pragya both slugs the whole bottle. If everything wasn’t enough the couple gets high. The two now started talking in their drunk tones and the fire is conveniently ignored.


Purab still tries to go inside to save the couple, but everyone stops him. Simonika is enjoying her victory as she has managed to kill both Pragya and Abhi.