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Kumkum Bhagya 19 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Episode: Abhi is caught in the Kitchen fire instead of Pragya.

Abhi plans to surprise Pragya, but in turn gets suprised by a fuming fire in the Kitchen.

Kumkum Bhagya 19 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Episode: Abhi is caught in the Kitchen fire instead of Pragya.

Kumkum Bhagya 19 Feb 2018: Simonika’s evil plan of burning Pragya turns upside down when Abhi is stuck in the fire. The question now is will Pragya be able to save Abhi

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The Useless Lighter

To Simonika’s utter happiness, Pragya finds the lighter. Unfortunately or fortunately the lighter is faulty. Pragya makes a run to the store room and finds her lost earring in there.

She becomes sentimental as the earring were a gift from Abhi. Planning to keep the earrings in her room she takes them and the new lighter from there.

Purab and Abhi Arrives

An extremely excited Abhi returns home with Purab bearing gifts for their Valentines. Abhi is excited about Pragya finally confessing her true identity.

Disha greets them and informs Abhi that Pragya is in Kitchen. Abhi goes in the direction of kitchen. Purab tells Disha that Pragya asked him to not let Abhi come in Kitchen. Disha feels bad about it, but Purab cheers up by taking her to the room for her gift.

Pragya is going towards her room when Simonika stops her. She cleverly suggests to attend her work in the kitchen and she will keep the hearings in her room.

Abhi in Kitchen

On seeing no one in the Kitchen, Abhi turns to leave but smells something strange. While trying to place the smell he gets distracted by the food Pragya has Prepared.

FYI – The LPG is specially added with Ethyl Mercaptan, to intentionally keep its smell pungent. One so that it is easily recognisible and other that it cannot be overtaken by any other smell.

Then how come one of the best Homemaker ignored the smell in last episode and this episode Abhi completely forgets about it. A extremly humble request, we like your shows but don’t treat your Audiences as fools.

Anyways, so Abhi ignores the smell and starts tasting the dishes. When he tastes the ‘Kheer,’ it is still undercook. Abhi manages to locate the lighter to cook the Kheer and surprise Pragya.

Standing just next to the Gas Leak Abhi tries to light the Gas. After a lot of failed attempt, the Lighter lights and the blast blows Abhi over the counter. (The extent of Gas leak can burn full houses and here the Fire is restricted to the counter with the stove.)

Fire intensifies

Abhi is on the floor and Tomatoes and Capsicum are falling over him from the counter. I guess the utensils on the counter were too heavy for this petty fire to move them.

In Abhi’s attempt to safeguard himself he spills oil on the floor, intensifying the fire. Abhi tries to move out but the fire is too much for him to escape.

He finally calls out for someone. Pragya and everybody hears his shout and make a run for Kitchen.

FYI-  No one heard the noise of the Blast, they only react when Abhi shouts out for help;is that even a Possibility. On the other hand the fumes of fire seems to be very disciplined as they stayed just in the kitchen; Coz no one could smell or feel anything until then.


Pragya is standing outside the Burning Kitchen, she asks Abhi to try and come out.