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Kumkum Bhagya 12 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Episode: Disha and badly injured Purab escapes Sangram

Kumkum Bhagya 12 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Episode: Disha and badly injured Purab escapes Sangram
Kumkum Bhagya 12 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Episode: Disha and badly injured Purab escapes Sangram

Kumkum Bhagya 12 Feb 2018: All the build up of previous low paced episodes came to its climax. The episode revolved around Disha trying to save an injured Purab and herself from Sangram and his goons.

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Purab is badly Injured and is unconscious, Disha runs towards him. A hysteric Disha shakes Purab in an attempt to wake him up. ( We wonder did the ever intelligent girl forgot that you should not move a person after an accident in case the neck or spine is broken.)

Sangram happily strolls toward the couple, meanwhile the spectators merely stand there. Somehow, none of them approach or crowd them to help or just to see.

Sangram moves a crying Disha hair aside. She finally notices him and his devil smile. After she takes a moment to recover from the shock, she again shoves Purab to wake up.

Purab gains consciousness

The old school Hand slip scene occurs when sangram tries to pull Disha away from Purab. This manages to bring back Purab’s consciousness. Noticing him, Disha bites Sangram’s hand and goes to Purab.

Well, we think Disha has lost it a little, earlier she shakes him and now she asks him to get up, so that she will take him to hospital.

Uthiye mai aapko hospital le chalti hoon

Dear Mam, your husband did not just had a fall; he was hit by a truck. You expect him to walk to the hospital with you and admit himself???

The good for nothing bystanders

Anyways, Sangram is shocked that Purab is still alive and hits him hard on his back with his legs. After he is satisfied, he grabs Disha and pulls him away from Purab.

The almost dead guy, calls after them. Somehow, No one from the crowd even gives a satisfactory reaction to the situation. They are just standing in a bunch and part away to make way for Sangram and Disha.

Furious Disha

Disha while being pulled, manages to pick up an iron rod. She is so furious that she hits Sangram on his leg with the rod. After his hold loosens,  she gets up and start beating him.

She also beats all the goon that come for help. She manages to put them on ground after few shots and runs towards her injured husband.

Now they come for help?

After the angry lady landed some good hits in the goons, the spectators thought of helping.

They surround Sangram and his fellows to stop them from following Disha. After wasting some considerable time with them, Sangram finally pulls out a gun. The scared crowd disperses

Meanwhile, Disha encourages Purab to walk till parking lot.

Pragya calls Purab

Pragya places the prasad on table, pleasing Dadi and Dasi. They ask if she has heard anything from Purab and Disha. She reports that neither of them is picking up the Phone.

She rings it again and this time a biker guy picks up. He explains that the phone was lying around in the Uttam Market. The guy offers to drop the phone home as he could not see anybody in a suit that pragya described.

Everyone is tensed, Abhi diffuses the tension by diverting the ladies. He Sends to distribute the Prasad.

Disha Steals a Car

Somehow the couple manages to reach the parking lot. She spots someone in their car and hides from him.

Major crises calls for some major actions. Disha spots a car with keys in the ignition; as the driver went to grab a Pan from nearby shop.

Purab is in tremendous pain, he suggests calling the cops. But Disha encourages him and settles him in the passenger side of the car.

She crawls towards the driving side, asking forgiveness from God; as she has never ever stolen a thing in her life.

Before the goon and driver realises, Disha speeds out of the Parking Lot. She has to hit the break, when Sangram comes in front with a Gun.

He calls her out of the car, or he will kill Purab. Disha glances at the ‘Mata rani ka dupatta,’  in the car, which lends her strength. She puts her foot on the accelerator and drives away.

Sangram, escapes in the nick of the time. He pushes a passerby from his bike and starts following Disha on it. The goons have also managed to get some bikes of their own to follow the car.

Before the show ends, a little of the chase is shown.


Disha calls Abhi crying. She informs him that Purab has met with an accident and he is in the ICU.