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Is Khloe Kardashian facing pregnancy complications?

Khloe Kardashian pregnancy news

TMZ gets a tip that Khloe Kardashian (33 years old) facing the pregnancy complication on episode of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians on February 25. At that moment Kourtney Kardashian look at whether or not she wants more children, and Kris Jenner debuted a wild new hairstyle.

Khloe Kardashian pregnancy news

Khloe revealed

Khloe told Kim Kardashian (37 years old) that she wants to give her baby birth in Cleveland and her doctor come to that city to help her in delivery. She also revealed that she plan to eat her placenta. After 5 years Kim gave the permission to her assistant Stephanie Shepherd. She said that they figured out they want to go in different direction.

Kourtney revealed

She told Kim and Khloe that she was thinking about freezing her eggs, she wants to have a 4th kid. Khole think about that does she wants baby with her BF Younes Bendjima (24 years old). But Kourtney think that that is not the case she says:

“I’m good right now,”

She still meets her doctor to know about the process.

Khloe find out that some complications in her pregnancy and she said that she drop baby if her progesterone hormone level are not. She took progesterone suppositories and her doctor said that Khloe is not fit during examination. Doctor told Khloe that she saves her pregnancy than Khloe said that:

“I could have miscarried,”

Khloe Kardashian pregnancy news

She does not want to tell this everybody right now.

“There chances that, God forbid, you don’t make it past a certain point. When there’s a point that I can say something, I will.”

After going to the doctor Kourtney realizes that she is not sure she wants to go through with the process of freezing her eggs because the medication involve is not natural. She said that:

“I don’t feel like I’m done having kids in life,”