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Justin Timberlake gets bashed by Prince Fans for Super Bowl halftime performance

Justin Timberlake gets bashed by fans after SuperBowl HalfTime Performance

Justin Timberlake has left his fans disappointed. As a tribute to the late singer Prince, Timberlake performed “I Would Die 4 U” at the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show while the video of the late singer ran in the background showcasing his performance.Since the video didn’t look like a hologram, it’s uncertain if Prince would have been really happy with Justin’s rendition of his 1984 blockbuster.

Fans upset with Singer after the show

And If you thought social media was to spare Justin Timberlake for this, you were wrong. We can not deny that Prince fans were upset with Justin’s tribute to the great musician, who died in 2016. There have been gossips last week about Timberlake’s performance at the Super Bowl’s where it was discussed that Timberlake’s performance would be alongside a hologram of Prince.

Justin Timberlake gets bashed by fans after SuperBowl HalfTime Performance

But Timberlake discarded the news when didn’t appear with a hologram, but with a projected image of Prince while he sang on piano.Also Prince, during an interview in 1998, once mentioned that he wanted to be reincarnated on stage as a hologram demonic.

After Timberlake didn’t do the hologram as per expectations, his Twitter fans really did not like the idea of not playing the Hologram at Timberlake’s Prince Tribute and the followers did not seem positive in their thoughts.

One Twitter user Sheila E. mentioned that she had spoken to Justin and the singer had agreed to perform Prince’s hologram. Jemele Hill said that Timberlake’s performance would not be approved by Prince.She said :

 “Problem is, a lot of people down with Prince know he wouldn’t approve.”

One user was upset about Timberlake insulting Prince: “Insulting Janet, Britney, and Prince… the audacity of mediocre white men this year continues.”

Alyssa Milano wrote after the performance ;

“I miss Prince”

Justin Timberlake gets bashed by fans after SuperBowl HalfTime Performance

Timberlake not apologetic

People also wrote that Timberlake never apologized and “dissed” Prince while he was alive:

“Never mind the “demonic” hologram nonsense but Justin Timberlake dissed Prince, an artist superior to him in every way, while he was alive. Nothing will surpass Prince’s #SuperBowl performance.”

The bashing did not end here, another user said they liked “Odell Beckham and Eli Manning covering Dirty Dancing” over Justin Timberlake’s performance.

Well, we can say that Timberlake’s action sort of continuation of a rivalry between the two musicians. Prince truly must not have liked this.

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Justin Timberlake bashed after Super Bowl Half Time Performance