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John Cena plays a Grand Ma, a Dog, A Baby, Teen and more at a hillarious Kids Choice Awards Promo.

John Cena at Kids Choice Awards
John Cena at Kids Choice Awards

John Cena is capable of playing any role. Any means literally any. He’s playing a Teen, a grandma, a dog, a baby and much more in a hillarious new Kids choice Awards promo. 

John Cena, A perfect host for Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

John Cena, 40 is a handsome, vesatile and a charismatic who can mimic any one and enact any one. He is the perfect host for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards this year after he nailed it in an amazing way last year. This year he has put together his skills and is here with a hillarious new promo for the show which goes down on 24th March 2018.

John Cena enacts the scene from Eddie Murphy’s ‘The Klumps’ Movie.

In the movie every person of the family sits at the dinner table. Here all the roles of the family members are done by the WWE star. And the reaction from the family members after the announcement of the slime filled award show is priceless.

In the video John plays the role of his own grand mother in white wig and pink sweater. He also plays the role of his dad who only wants to know if Rock is going to Make it to the show. John tries to explain that he hasn’t answered any of his mails or texts and that he is not sure if the superstar will be able to make it. Besides he also plays the role of his teenage daughter who is least bothered of anything else except her mobile. He also plays the role of his son who is clueless about what is going on.

Besides he even plays the role of the dog and also a baby. The ending is epic when John who plays the role of his mother as well as father goes into a kissing scene in front of all the family members. Yes John is making up with himself and it’s hillarious.

Are you excited to see what John brings at the show which will be hosted on 24th March?