Home News and Gossip Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux might display their dirty laundry soon.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux might display their dirty laundry soon.

Looks like Justin Theroux might open up about the exact reason for the divorce.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux might display their dirty laundry soon.
The couple has maintained a peaceful silence in the public eye, is that about to be shattered.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux:  After 2 years of marriage the Hollywood couple Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux has filled for divorce recently. According to sources, their claim that all is well might not be true.

The couple had parted way at the end of last year but did not confirmed the news until recently. They called it a ‘Mutual and Lovingly made’ decision. But according to recent report from Radar Online, all was not well and it might come out sooner or later.

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Justin Theroux could ‘Tell all’

Justin Theroux has warned Jenifer Aniston to play fairly. He wants her to keep things out of public eye, if she doesn’t listen he will also tell his side of the story. Which according to him, won’t be a pretty story with a quaint ending.

Although, Justin’s representative has discouraged the news, a source close to him tells all:

“This isn’t Justin’s style but he figures he needs options if Jen fights dirty. If he did go on TV or give an interview that delved into their failed marriage he’d have so much to say about his own frustrations that otherwise won’t be aired.”

“Jen’s been a nightmare to live with, and Justin’s friends say it’s a charade that he’s being painted as a bad guy given what she did to him,” added the source.

The Split

Jennifer and Justin’s relationship was on the rocks for a while. After a massive fight on December 14, the actor packed his bags and headed to a hotel.

The duo met on the sets of Wanderlust and fell in love. Justin proposes in 2012 and the couple got married in August 2015. The hush hush ceremony took place at their Bel Air Mansion. But after 7 year of togetherness the couple called it quits.

Justin Theroux first post after the split

It’s not that the estranged couple went on a hiatus from the social media. But Theroux was the first one to break the silence after the news of Split was made public.

Obviously the ‘Mute’ actor did not say anything about the split. Instead he posted his picture with some pictures of pups. He recently visited a Animal shelter in texas.

While he might be recuperating with puppies, Jennifer is rumored to be surrounded by friends in her support.

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